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  • By Darrel Wilson
  • Last Updated: November 2, 2019

Why Did I Start Youtube For WordPress Tutorials?

I love wordpress, I originally started a hiking blog on wordpress and wanted to learn more. I noticed the amount of plugins and themes on wordpress and really wanted to try them all. After using free themes for a few months, I slowly crept away from the free theme market and first tried the divi theme back when it was in 2.0. I loved the theme and wondered why is there no one else in the world having wordpress tutorials on this amazing theme? I told myself i was going to do it. Along the way i noticed other themes and plugins that worked well and decided to just start having tutorials on all these themes and plugins, next thing you know im doing wordpress tutorials full time on youtube and helping thousands create jobs. I realize now the responsibility i have to my subscribers and others learning wordpress .I hated watching tutorials or blogs where all i got was a dead end and people asking me to click their affiliate links or those  ” reviewers” who made me have more questions about the themes. I said to myself, “from now on im going to teach these tutorials step by step all the way so everyone can understand wordpress.”

Everyday im astounded on how my youtube channel as grown fast. Ive been called the biggest wordpress influencer in the world which really makes me happy and sets me on a mission to provide high quality content,

Lets Make This Channel The #1 WordPress Authority In The World

I need your help! I have a goal with this youtube channel. I want to make this channel the #1 WordPress Authority in the world for wordpress tutorials and provide a fun atmosphere to learn it. Along the way its been hard for others in the wordpress community to collaborate with me 🙁 I found many of the members of the wordpress community dont really trust each other, sad :/ . I think this channel can make it to the top if we work together , so make sure to share this channel if its helped you so it can help others learning wordpress, web design, or digital marketing.

Get Your Free Divi Theme Layout Here

To download the free divi theme layout by divi-den.com you can simply download it below, you can also watch their video on how to setup the free divi theme layout to use on clients websites or anyone elses that you may want!

[button link=”https://darrelwilson.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/11/Educate-Divi-Page-Layout.zip” color=”lightblue”] Free Divi Layout [/button]

You can also watch this video on how to install it and add some amazing custom CSS to give you some amazing design and decor!

Again thanks for watching and supporting my channel, its been an amazing year.

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