8 Top WooCommerce Plugins

  • By Darrel Wilson
  • Last Updated: November 22, 2019

WooCommerce is a great plugin that allows you to launch an online store with ease. Not only is it one of the most popular e-commerce plugins, but it also has hundreds of extensions that make managing, marketing, and growing your store a lot easier.

In today’s post, I’ve rounded up the best free and paid WooCommerce plugins that will help you get more sales. We’ll take a look at their features and share why you should consider using each plugin. Let’s dive in!

Top Eight Plugins for WooCommerce

The plugins on this list range from free and paid and will help you spread the word about your store, increase sales, prevent cart abandonment, and more.

1. Beeketing for WooCommerce

Beeketing plugin for WooCommerce

Beeketing for WooCommerce is a powerful WooCommerce plugin that can help boost sales in your store. Key features include:

  • Pop up recent order notifications to create the sense of a busy store with a live Sales Pop
  • Add sales countdown clock, a low-stock indicator on product pages to create urgency and scarcity
  • Show a coupon popup to encourage new visitors to make their first purchase
  • Bundle up frequently bought together products and sell the combo at a value discount
  • Sales Gamification by motivating customers to spend more to reach a cart value threshold and receive a reward discount
  • Suggest more related products at cart page, right before checkout
  • Offer a cart-level discount, free shipping, or free gift, if customers complete order
  • Send cart and browse abandonment emails
  • Chat with customers via Facebook Messenger right in the store
  • And more

Why You Should Get It

The plugin has different modules that help you convert visitors, increase average order value and more. It’s a great plugin to help you out with cross-selling, upselling, and marketing automation.

Pricing: Modules range from free to paid, with premium modules starting at $20/month.

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2. Order Delivery Date

Order Delivery Date plugin

The Order Delivery Date plugin allows you customers to choose a specific time and date for their delivery. Main features of the plugin include:

  • Ability to allow the customer to select the delivery date on the checkout page for the orders
  • Disable the weekdays on which you do not deliver the products
  • Set minimum required time for delivery
  • Limit the number of deliveries/orders to be placed per day
  • Disable delivery for Virtual and Featured products
  • Set holidays on the dates you do not deliver products under Holidays tab

Why You Should Get It

User experience and customer satisfaction are crucial when it comes to the online store. With this plugin, you can increase customer satisfaction because they don’t have to worry about missing the delivery of their product and can tailor-fit the delivery time to their schedule.

Pricing: The plugin also comes with a premium version which offers more features like Google Calendar synchronization and is available starting at $99 for a single site.

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3. WooCommerce Currency Switcher

WooCommerce Currency Switcher

The WooCommerce Currency Switcher plugin makes it easy for your customers to switch the currency of your online store into their own. The core plugin is available for free and includes the following features:

  • Use a shortcode to add the switcher to any page or post on your site
  • Includes 3 widgets: currencies switcher, currency converter, currencies rates
  • Currency can be changed automatically according to the visitor’s IP
  • Possibility to show the visitors the approximate price in their currency on checkout

Why You Should Get It

This plugin is useful for anyone that runs an online store that caters to an international audience.

Pricing: Free and premium version available starting at $31 on CodeCanyon.

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4. WooCommerce Direct Checkout

WooCommerce Direct Checkout

WooCommerce Direct Checkout makes the checkout process easier on your site by allowing customers to skip the cart page and go directly to the checkout page. Key features include:

  • Enable or disable the direct checkout option at any time
  • Add the “Continue Shopping” button to the product page
  • Change “Add to cart” to any text

Why You Should Get It

A long and complicated checkout process is one of the main reasons why shoppers abandon their cart. With this plugin, you can simplify the whole checkout experience and make sure customers proceed with the purchase.

Pricing: Abasic version of the plugin is available for free, with paid version starting at $29 for a single site.

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5. WooCommerce Google Analytics Integration

WooCommerce Google Analytics Integration

The WooCommerce Google Analytics Integration plugin does exactly what the name suggests: it allows you to see your Google Analytics within your WooCommerce store. You can link a referral to a purchase and see the transaction information in your Google Analytics data. The plugin comes with support for the new Universal Analytics, eCommerce, and enhanced eCommerce event tracking.

Why You Should Get It

If you want an easier way to track your store’s traffic data and avoid the hassle of logging into a separate platform, this plugin is a no-brainer. You can see which product pages and categories are the most popular and tailor your marketing accordingly. Having this type of data at your fingertips is a must when trying to grow your store.

Pricing: The plugin is free.

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6. Google Product Feed

Google Product Feed

The Google Product Feed plugin will allow you to create a real-time feed which supplies the product information to Google Merchant Center so you can start running Product Ads. Main features include:

  • The ability to choose what fields to include which means your feed will have all your product information and variations in the correct format
  • Capture data required by Google which doesn’t normally display within WooCommerce by using the plugin’s additional data entry fields for products and variations
  • Set up information at a category level to apply to products in a specific category or information that applies to all the products in your store.

Why You Should Use It

Aside from the ability to have your products listed in Google Merchant Center, this plugin also allows you to supply product information to Bing Product Feed and Google Product Reviews feed so your products can be more optimized for search engines.

Pricing: This plugin is a paid plugin starting at $79 for a single site.

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7. WooCommerce Checkout Field Editor

Checkout Field Editor

The WooCommerce Checkout Field Editor allows you to add extra fields to your checkout pages. Main features include:

  • The ability to add text boxes, checkboxes, dropdowns, date pickers, and more
  • Add the extra fields in the billing and shipping sections, as well as inserted after these sections next to the standard ‘order notes’

Why You Should Use It

With the help of this plugin, you can collect extra information from your buyers to customize their orders. This includes allowing them to choose a delivery date, enter a message if the product is supposed to be a gift, and more.

Pricing: This premium plugin starts at $49 for a single site license

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8. WooCommerce Wallet

WooCommerce Wallet

The last plugin on this list, WooCommerce Wallet makes it easy for customers to store their money in a digital wallet and use it for purchasing products from the store. The plugin offers the following features:

  • Wallet system that works just like any other payment method
  • The customers can use various payment methods to add money
  • You can process refund using the wallet money
  • Customers cashback rewards according to cart price, product or product category wise
  • Customers can make a partial payment
  • And more

Why You Should Use It

This plugin helps motivate your customers to complete the purchase and adds an extra piece of mind because they don’t have to enter their sensitive financial information for every purchase.

Pricing: Free with paid extensions available

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Final Thoughts

The list above is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to WooCommerce plugins but they will help you take your store to the next level. Use it as a starting point when setting up your WooCommerce store.

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