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  • By Darrel Wilson
  • Last Updated: November 25, 2019

Beaver builder is a page builder for wordpress that comes with front-end editing. It has some neat features and isnt a bad choice for building your wordpress website.

Price Value

User Friendly




Overall Rating

4.0 / 5.0
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Price: $ Free - 399

Beaver Builder Pros

  • Front End Editing Experience
  • Decent Templates
  • Has A Theme Builder
  • Offers a renewal discount
  • If de-activated, your content stays intact and doesnt leave shortcodes

Beaver Builder Cons

  • Pricing is expensive, no lifetime option either
  • Lacks Elements Or Modules
  • User interface could be better
  • Company looks as if they have given up, beaver builder add in new features or post tutorials on their websites/youtube.
Beaver Builder

When it comes to WordPress page builder plugins, there is no shortage of both free and premium solutions. One of those plugins is Beaver Builder and it is touted as one of the best page builder plugins on the market.

In today’s review, we’ll take a look at what Beaver Builder has to offer, discuss the pros and cons of the plugins, and cover pricing options.

What Does Beaver Builder Offer

Beaver Builder is a drag and drop page builder plugin that can be used with both posts and pages. It has an easy to use interface and allows you to build a custom personal or business website in a short amount of time and without learning how to code.

While aimed at non-coders, Beaver Builder is also an excellent tool for WordPress designers who want to provide a complete service to their clients without partnering up with a developer. What’s more, developers will it useful as well since the plugin can speed up the development time considerably.

Main features include:

  • Dozens of building blocks
  • Premade templates
  • Front-end editing
  • And more

Let’s take a look at those features more in-depth below.

Building Blocks

First, off, Beaver Builder includes the standard column and row elements which are the basic building blocks for your website. You’ll need to create a row and then select the desired number of columns before inserting various modules.

Beaver Builder Modules

Beaver Builder comes with all the modules you’ll need to create your website. You can insert text, photos, videos, buttons, call to actions, countdown timers, and more. The modules are nicely organized so you can easily find the module you need. Each module can also be saved once you’re done adding content and styling it to your liking so you can reuse it over and over again.

On top of that, you can also save rows as global rows, change them in one place, and see the update take effect everywhere else on your site.


Aside from dozens of modules, you’ll also find 30 pre-made templates. Templates are organized into landing pages and content pages. You can use the landing page templates to build your homepage, sales pages, and coming soon page complete with a newsletter subscription module.

Beaver Builder Templates

Content page templates will help you build your inner pages such as About, Services, Contact, and more. You can also create a template from scratch, save it, and reuse it again.

Inline Editing

All of the editing and building happens on the front-end with Beaver Builder. This allows you to see exactly how the added modules will look on your website without refreshing your page or loading a preview in a new tab.

Modules and rows include their own settings which allow you to easily control the layout and the look of each section. You can adjust the color and size of the module, add animations, control the responsiveness and the visibility of each module, and more.

If you’re code-savvy, you can also add your own CSS and set custom HTML classes and IDs.

Beaver Builder Theme

Beaver Builder works with any theme but it’s worth mentioning that it might be hard to achieve the perfect full-width layout with themes that don’t natively include it. Luckily, there is a way around it as Beaver Builder offers its own theme on the Pro version of the plugin.

Aside from making it easy to create true full-width layouts, Beaver Builder Theme comes with pre-designed styles that serve as a great starting point for your design. Each style can be customized using the WordPress native Live Customizer.

Beaver Theme Styling Options

As you can see, you can tweak header styles, content styles, fonts, and colors. The Customizer even allows you to upload your own logo, add custom CSS, choose between several header layouts, and much more.

Other Notable Features

Aside from the features mentioned above, Beaver Builder also includes features such as:

  • WooCommerce support
  • SEO-ready
  • Translation-ready

WooCommerce Support

If you’re looking to build an online store and want to use a page builder plugin, you’ll be happy to know that Beaver Builder comes with full support for WooCommerce. You can easily drag and drop products and rearrange them to your liking to build an online store.

SEO and Translation-Ready

Beaver Builder uses code compression and markup which makes your websites search-engine friendly. It also makes them load faster which not only improves your SEO rank but it also helps your conversion rate and provides a better user experience.

In addition to that, Beaver Builder comes with WPML integration which means the plugin can be translated into any language which is perfect for international users.

Beaver Builder Lite

Beaver Builder LITE
Although Beaver Builder is a premium plugin, the developers offer a “lite” version on the official WordPress repository. This free version is rather limited in the number of modules it offers and it doesn’t include pre-made templates.

The Lite version offers the following:

  • HTML, Photo, Text Editor, Audio, Video, & Sidebar content modules
  • Full-width layouts
  • Lightweight and semantic markup for maximum performance
  • Photo, color, and video row backgrounds
  • Mobile-friendly, responsive layouts
  • Add your own CSS classes and IDs
  • Use WordPress Widgets and shortcodes
  • Works with Pages, Posts, and Custom Post Types

If you have never worked with a page builder plugin, Beaver Builder Lite is a good way to get yourself familiarized with what the plugin offers and decide if you want to purchase the premium version.

Pros and Cons

Now that we’ve covered the features, let’s talk about the plugin’s pros and cons.

Beaver Builder Pros

The pros include:

  • Premade templates and responsive layouts
  • The ability to translate the plugin
  • SEO-readiness
  • Ease of use
  • WooCommerce support
  • No shortcodes left after you deactivate the plugin
  • Multisite support
  • You can use widget content inside Beaver Builder’s modules which allows you to use content generated by other plugins

Beaver Builder Cons

The only downside of Beaver Builder is the fact that it is rather pricey compared to other similar plugins. But, when you take into consideration that you can use Beaver Builder plugin on an unlimited number of websites even on the cheapest plan, the higher price point is justified.


As mentioned earlier, there is a Lite version of the Beaver Builder plugin which can be downloaded for free from the official WordPress plugin repository. However, the free version is rather limited but it’s a nice way to get a feel for the capabilities of the plugin.

The Pro version is available in three pricing tiers: Standard, Pro, and Agency:

  • The Standard version costs $99 and allows you to use the plugin on an unlimited number of websites, includes a year of support, and 40% discount for the license renewal.
  • The Pro version costs $199 and includes features mentioned above as well as the Beaver Builder Theme and the ability to use the plugin on a multisite installation
  • The Agency version costs $399 and adds the ability to white-label the plugin on top of the features included with the Standard and Pro version of the plugin.

For most users, the Standard or the Pro version will be more than enough to allow you to create a powerful website for your business. The Agency license, on the other hand, is a great choice for larger agencies and WordPress designers and developers working with clients on a regular basis.

Final Thoughts

Beaver Builder is a premium drag-and-drop page builder that doesn’t use shortcodes to create page and posts layout which ultimately results in a cleaner, more SEO-friendly and faster website. It’s a perfect choice for anyone who wants to design their own website without learning to code as well as developers and designers who want to speed up their website development and design process.

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