Best Web Hosting for WordPress 2020

  • By DW Staff
  • Last Updated: January 16, 2020

If you have a WordPress website, one of the most common questions is “What is the best web hosting?”. While I personally use and recommend SiteGround, I decided to put web hosting companies to the test and give you my results. 

In this post and video, I’ll share how the top web hosting companies performed during my 60-day test so you can get unbiased review and decide which company would be the best for your site. I’ve tested shared hosting and cloud hosting and these are my results. 

Shared Hosting Results

Before we dive into the hosting companies overview, it’s worth mentioning that there were some hosting companies that were disqualified. These include InterServer, DreamHost, and NameCheap. Unfortunately, I have had too much down time with these companies and the customer support was unsatisfactory. As such, I can’t recommend these companies. 

1. Namehero


Namehero is not that well known and they are a very underrated host. However, they’ve had amazing results during both my hosting tests last year and this year. The company offers shared, reseller, VPS, and cloud hosting. 

They had only 6 minutes of downtime and their server response time is less than a second while the page load time averages around 1.18 seconds. I have a 38% off discount code for you if you use my link above as this is one of the companies I’d definitely recommend.

As you can see, WordPress websites hosting on loaded at around 1 second which is quite impressive considering this was an ecommerce website.

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2. SiteGround


If you’re a long time viewer of my channel, you know that I recommend Siteground as the best hosting company. They offer shared, WordPress, cloud, and WooCommerce hosting. 

Their results during the test were excellent with 38 minutes of downtime. Their server response time is pretty fast at 1.5 seconds and their page load time average 1.95 seconds. They also have an amazing customer service and I have a 70% off discount deal if you sign up through my link above.

With your website loading at around 1-2 seconds, you can always trust that siteground is a solid choice to host your wordpress website.

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3. A2Hosting

A2 Hosting

A2Hosting always comes out on top as one of the most recommended companies. They offer a variety of plans which include shared hosting, reseller hosting, VPS, and dedicated hosting plans. They have a 24/7 support and their pricing is competitive. You’ll also get a free SSL certificate. 

As far as the results go, A2Hosting had 2 hours of downtime. Server response time was around 2 seconds and load times were around 2 seconds as well. This is one of the companies I would recommend and I’ve manage to secure a 51% discount if you use my link to purchase your hosting plan with A2Hosting. 

Another solid choice for web hosting. The site passed googles test and loaded under 3 seconds which is what you want to see.

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4. GreenGeeks


GreenGeeks was one of the best companies in last year’s test. They offer web hosting, WordPress hosting and reseller hosting plans. Their plans are also affordable and they have great support. 

As far as their test results, their average server response time was 2 seconds and they had only 31 minutes of downtime. Average page load time for GreenGeeks is around 3 seconds. The only downside of GreenGeeks is that their customer portal could use a friendlier design. Overall, GreenGeeks is a company I would definitely recommend if you’re looking for an affordable and reliable hosting. 

You can try out Greengeeks here

5. Hostpapa 


Last year, Hostpapa was one of the companies I recommended because of their great results. They offer shared hosting plans as well as reseller, VPS, and WordPress hosting. Each of their hosting plans also includes a free domain registration. 

During the test, Hostpapa had a day of downtime. Their server response time averaged around 3.5 seconds and page load time was around 3 seconds. They also offer very competitive pricing where you can get a year of hosting for around $50. The final verdict for this hosting company is that I am neutral. While they are cheap and have good support, they had too much downtime for my liking.

hostpapa is another solid company, although they had a rough month before(2-3 second loading time) this month they did very well!

Checkout Hostpapa here

Cloud Hosting Results

Keep in mind that cloud hosting is more expensive than shared hosting but they will also give you better uptime and loading times. These companies are a great choice if you already have an established website and want to upgrade from a shared hosting plan. 

1. Liquid Web

Liquid Web

Liquid Web offers cloud, dedicated, and WordPress hosting as well as managed WooCommerce hosting. During the test, Liquid Web had a total of 26 minutes of downtime. Their server response time is less than half a second and their page load time averaged 0.6 seconds. They are a pricey option but well worth the investment. Use the code Darrel35 to get 35% off for the first three months.

AMAZING speed! Liquid web hosts wordpress websites under 1 second which is quite well. I do also have a special discount

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2. WPEngine


WPEngine is a big name in the managed WordPress industry. They offer a variety of plans and have 24/7 support. As far as the tests go, they had 0 minutes of downtime and averaged around 0.7 seconds for the server response time. The page load time averaged around 0.6 seconds. If you use my link above, and the code wpe3free, you’ll get 10% for three months.

Page Speed WP Engine

Another amazing web hosting company with 100% UPTIME!. I have an EXCLUSIVE WP-Engine Discount ONLY available here. (Better than black friday sale)

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3. GetFlyWheel


Flywheel is another managed hosting company. They offer cloud and managed WordPress hosting geared for developers and designers. The test results showed that they had 14 minutes of downtime. Server response time averaged around 0.6 seconds with page load times averaging around 1.18 seconds. This is another cloud hosting company I feel comfortable recommending.

Try Getflywheel Here

4. Kinsta 


Kinsta stands out as it gives you more storage space than other cloud hosting companies but they do lack phone support. Despite that, the company had excellent results during my test. They had 0 downtime and averaged around 0.5 seconds for server response time and 1.18 seconds for page load time. I’d definitely recommend Kinsta.

A Solid company, always worth it to go with kinsta, just know that you dont get phone support but thats not really an issue is it?

Try Kinsta Web Hosting

5. Cloudways 


Cloudways is a different hosting company as it will manage your website that’s hosted on one of the cloud providers such as Google Cloud or AWS. They had 0 downtime but their load times were a little slower than other cloud hosting providers. Server load times averaged 0.8 seconds but the page load times were around 1.48 seconds which is slower than a website hosted on a shared hosting plan with NameHero. As such, I remain neutral when it comes to this hosting company.

Results from other shared hosting companies



FastComet is another popular option and I kept getting requests for this company so I’ve decided to test it out. They offer shared hosting as well as cloud VPS and dedicated hosting plans. They offer free domain and website migrations. 

In the test, FastComet had 10 hours of downtime. Their server response time is a little slow at 3.5 seconds but their page load times are very good at around 2 seconds. I am neutral when it comes to this company but I do think it’s worth a try. 



Ionos (formerly 1&1 Hosting) tends to have a bad reputation online. It’s one of the oldest hosting companies that offers shared hosting as well as WordPress hosting, dedicated servers, and VPS hosting. While they don’t offer a free domain, they do offer very cheap domain names. You can get a .com domain for $1 for the first year after which it will renew at $15.

During the test, Ionos had a total of 33 minutes of downtime. Their average server response time was 2 seconds with an average page load time of around 3 seconds. However, their server response time was very inconsistent. As such I don’t recommend Ionos hosting plans. 



GoDaddy is one of the oldest web hosting companies around and they got a lot of attention because of their marketing campaigns. They offer a variety of hosting plans as well as domain registration services. 

During the test, they had 3 hours of downtime and averaged around 3 seconds for page load and server response time. However, this company receives a lot of negative feedback and because of that I don’t recommend them. 



Bluehost is the official recommend host for WordPress by WordPress itself. They are also one of the more popular ones with a range of hosting plans. 

During the test, they had an hour of downtime and averaged around 2 seconds for server response time. Their page load time is around 4 seconds and because of that, I don’t recommend this hosting company.



TMDHosting was one of the companies I used to recommend. They offer competitive pricing and you can get 7% off with the code Darrel26. You can choose between regular shared hosting, cloud hosting, VPS, WordPress, and reseller hosting. 

They had a total of 6 hours of downtime which is one of the reasons why I no longer recommend this company. They also have 3 seconds server response time and around 3 seconds page load time. 

Media Temple


MediaTemple is one of the companies I always include since they are a local company. They offer grid shared hosting for professionals. In other words, they cater to designers and developers. They also offer 24-hour support. 

However, their test results are not that great. They had 2 hours of downtime which can be quite a lot for a business website. Their server response time averaged around 3 seconds and page load time averages around 5 seconds. They are also one of the more expensive options on this list and have a complicated user dashboard. As such, I don’t recommend MediaTemple. 



HostGator is one of the most popular hosting companies. They are competitively priced and offer a free domain when you sign up for their hosting plan. They offer shared hosting plans, WordPress hosting, Dedicated and VPS hosting. 

However, they didn’t perform so well during my 60-day test. Their server response time is around 7 seconds and average load time for a website to load is around 7 seconds as well. They also had 7 hours of downtime. For that reason, I don’t recommend HostGator hosting plans.



iPage is another popular company but it is owned by EIG. Unfortunately, companies owned by EIG receive a lot of negative feedback and in the case of iPage this negative feedback was justified. They offer shared hosting and WordPress hosting with plans starting at $2.99/month. Keep in mind that this price is valid only for your first term. 

During the test, iPage had a total of 8 hours of downtime. Their average server response time is around 6 seconds. As far as page loading times, the average results was 5 seconds. As such, I don’t recommend iPage despite it being one of the cheapest shared hosting options.



InMotion is another local company that offer shared, VPS, reseller, and business hosting. However, they had the worst results in the test with a total of 15 hours of downtime. Average server and page load time was around 5 seconds. As such, I don’t recommend InMotion hosting.

Video Overview: Best Hosting Companies 2020

If you prefer to watch instead of read, here’s a video overview of all 21 companies and how they performed. 

Final Thoughts

There is no shortage of hosting companies for WordPress. From shared to cloud hosting plans, there’s a company for every budget. If you’re just getting started, go with a shared hosting plan and choose NameHero or SiteGround. If you have a larger site and want better performance, opt for cloud hosting and choose LiquidWeb, Flywheel, Kinsta or WPEngine. 

14 thoughts on “Best Web Hosting for WordPress 2020

  1. Hello Darrel, Do you have any results on VPS too? I already offer shared hosting and i want to expand with introducing reseller hosting so i want to get a VPS specifically for that. Can you share some info on that?

  2. On most the websites where you say “I managed to get you a 51%” or something like that, they already have that exact sale without your link.

    Suggestion to offer something additional or just say use my link for a discount without making it sound like too much of a special deed, to avoid sounding misleading.

  3. Hey Darrel, hard to believe you didn’t include WPXHosting on here. It takes literally 5 seconds to talk to support and their system is dope. I also like Siteground a lot too, like many others…

  4. Not a fan of Hostpapa. They have no intrusion prevention on their entry plans and the try to gauge you for an upgrade when your site utilization is high due to malicious attacks from Russia and Ukraine.

    I’m a happy user of both A2hosting and SiteGround.

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