Best WordPress Page Builders Reviewed!

  • By Darrel Wilson
  • Last Updated: November 2, 2019

Today, WordPress page builders are getting more and more competitive with each other. This is due mainly to the fact that there are new features being added and more improvements to wordpress page builders that ever before.There are several aspects that make up a page builder, is it easy to use? Is it cost effective? How long as the wordpress company been out for? These are some of the questions you should be asking yourself when you are looking for a wordpress page builder

Below I will give you my opinion on what i believe about some of the most popular wordpress page builders, some are amazing and some are not so amazing. I made this review about wordpress page builders with no bias, i really wanted to show people what i think of these page builders because i get asked about it so many times 🙂

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So lets begin, here are the list of wordpress page builders in my review.

SiteOrigin Page Builder

The siteorgin page builder was one of the first page builders for wordpress. Along with being one of the first page builders, it is a free page builder. The page builder offers alot of different widgets to help you diversify your creativity with your website. The problem with this page builder is that it really never changed, at all. Its true they have added a live editor to this page builder but besides that i just found the page builder very difficult to use and not really user friendly. I personally cant recommend this page builder to people because since this page builder has remained dormant, many new page builders have come along and really blown this page builder out of the water.

The Veridict: C

Price: Free

Ease Of Use: 40%

Community Support: 50%



The themify page builder has been around for quite some time. In fact, this was one of the first companies to introduce a front end editor for their page builder which was really quite impressive at the time. The company has some work to do with this page builder however as its not really user friendly and can be a little difficult to learn.

I personally think that this page builder has alot of potential but they really need to look at the competition to see what other page builders are doing. In addition, i found out that this page has way too many options in their wordpress page builder. Along with being around the longest, the company has the lowest audience retention out of all the page builders which is quite surprising as its around the longest. Today, many page builders have cool animations and helpful tutorials, this company however does not.

The Veridict: C-

Price: $39

Ease Of Use: 35%

Community Support: 40%



The elementor page builder for wordpress took wordpress by storm. I was very skeptical about this page builder when it first came out but boy was i was wrong. This is one of the best free page builders for wordpress. The page builder comes with several different template layouts and is ultimately very easy to use. In fact i have a few tutorials on this wordpress page builder and its also the highest rated course on udemy. Oh yeah, its free too. What makes this page builder great is not just the page builder, but the company provides many tutorials and helpful tips with it. Along with these great resouces comes facebook groups, forums, and just a large community to help support it and make it one of the best free page builders for wordpress.

The Veridict: A

Price: Free

Ease Of Use: 90%

Community Support: 90%

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Beaver Builder


Beaver Builder, what a weird name for a wordpress page builder! I just had to get that out. Beaver builder comes with a front end and a back end editor. The company has been around for quite some time and frequently updates the page builder which is good. I think this company has potential. I am a little disappointed that they have been around for a while yet dont have any social presence on youtube of facebook. Honestly, how hard is it to make a youtube video on a weekly basis? I think the company can do much better than where its at right now. However, the company really hasnt added much to the page builder. Its not as easy to use as elementor or divi but i still think the page builder can have its uses but i wouldn't recommend it to a friend.

The Veridict: B-

Price: $99

Ease Of Use: 80%

Community Support: 50%


Divi Theme

Wow, thats what i said when i saw all the divi theme updates. This is a wordpress company that i think all wordpress theme companies should follow. Elegant themes has been around since 2014. When it first came out it was only a backend editor. I still promoted the company back in 2016 because I liked the companies ethics and culture. Since than, they have created some amazing improvements and updates with this theme. In late 2016, they added the visual builder which was a front end editor. In 2017, the company really went into turbo drive and added some amazing features and tons of free layouts with the theme. In addition to this, they have created tons of free layouts and tutorials to help people who are new to wordpress. I highly recommend this theme, its the best.

The Veridict: A+

Price: $89

Ease Of Use: 95%

Community Support: 100%

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WP Bakery (Visual Composer)

Visual composer is one of the oldest page builders. But quite frankly, i dont like it. I have never used a page builder that had more glitches and problem than this page builder. Even in my review of this page builder, the page builder itself was really glitchy and not really following my commands in the video. I have used this page builder on a few websites, What makes this page builder really bad is that its very difficult to learn, If you are new to wordpress you may have a difficult time with this one. When i use this page builder, i dont really see anything good about it. When you compare this page builder against others, its hard to say anything positive about it sadly.

The Veridict: D-

Price: $45

Ease Of Use: 50%

Community Support: 30%

Thrive Arcitect

Thrive Themes recently launched their newest page builder and its actually quite impressive. What I like about this company is that they recognized the competition and improved their page builder. To me, thats what makes a good wordpress company. In addition, the company has many helpful resources and tutorials to help beginners with wordpress. The page builder itself is very easy to learn. In addition to the page builder being intuitive, it has some really cool features that some other page builders dont. If you are looking for a wordpress page builder, i recommend thrive themes, its worth a shot!

The Veridict: B

Price: $67

Ease Of Use: 80%

Community Support: 80%



What do you think about these wordpress page builders? Make sure to take my poll to see if your wordpress page builder makes it to the top!


9 thoughts on “Best WordPress Page Builders Reviewed!

    1. Hi, I am using Elementor after watching your 3 1/2 hour video on OceanWP and Elementor.

      I also went to Patreon and sent you a support package of $10.00 per creation.

      I am trying to build our own nonprofit website, but need a bit more help from you.

      Please let me know that you have seen our support of your work.

      Dr. Mary Kimmell M.D.
      LtCol. U.S. Army Ret.

  1. As someone else said, “HUGE downfall for Divi is their dependency on shortcode. Deactivate Divi and your entire site is gone! You are stuck with them forever which can be bad.”

    I prefer Elementor. But their huge downfall is it requires a separate theme, which sucks. Requires researching, purchasing (if you go pro), learning, maintaining, and re-purchasing yet another app for WordPress. Ugh!

      1. But I think you’d agree that shortcodes make the problem much worse. Plus, the fact that you can lose your work if you switch page builders, means you’re basically locked in. This totally undermines one of the most important benefits of a CMS like WordPress, being able to change themes w/out losing your work. So page builders are ironically making WordPress less competitive with website builders like Squarespace.

  2. Great comparison between the builders.

    Use to use Divi for everything. Have their lifetime subscription. But moved away because I couldn’t adjust column widths. Had to use one of their combinations and couldn’t add more than four columns. Which is OK much of the time, but I needed more flexibility. We’ve also encountered a very sluggish back end when the Divi theme and builder are installed on a slower server.

    Had been using Beaver Builder, and yes agree on the name, but it’s a must to purchase something like Ultimate Addons or PowerPack for decent modules which is an added expense.

    As of this year we’re moving to Elementor. We’ve found that Elementor with the OceanWP theme, which is light weight, gives us the most flexibility for designing a website. Pretty much can build anything with that combo.

    One comment about Thrive Architect. Yes, their pricing is odd compared to others, but you pay once and you have lifetime updates. So with the 15 site deal you’re actually paying around $10 per site one time for the builder.

  3. honestly i feel the review on themify was a bit off, first of all the fact that it has many options is good because with that website designs are not monotonous. 2. they do have a few tutorials out that explain their themes and are not hard to understand and themify builder itself is easy and user friendly. i have never used any other builder besides themify because i feel no need to, i think people should give it a chance

  4. Hi Darrel, great comparison. In your screencast you say, that you mostly only use the free version of Elementor. I wonder what you think about the new Elementor Pro 2.0 with the Theme Builder.

  5. I use Elementor a lot, in my opinion, the best page builder around at the moment. The only other page builder I use is beaver builder but this is only due to beaver themer the integration with custom post types is excellent. Elementor, however, do plan to release something similar if this happens I think Elementor will become my go-to page builder for every project.

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