Brizy Review

  • By Darrel Wilson
  • Last Updated: November 23, 2019

Brizy Is A Great Free Drag And Drop Page Builder. Its User Interface Is Simple. Brizy is Packed With Tons Of New Innovating Features. A Great Page Builder Overall

Price Value

User Friendly




Overall Rating

4 / 5.0
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Price: $ Free-299

Brizy Pros

  • Great User Interface (Easy UX)
  • Offers Innovating Features Unlike Any Other Builder
  • Has a Lifetime Plan
  • Amazing Block Library
  • Templates Are Very Well Designed

Brizy Cons

  • No Theme Builder
  • No WooCommerce Builder
  • PRO Version Is Not GPL

Page builder plugins are all the rage these days. They allow anyone to create a beautiful website without having to learn how to code or hire an expensive developer. Luckily, there is no shortage of both free and premium page builder plugins.

A newcomer onto the page builder plugin scene is a plugin called Brizy and in today’s post, I’ll be giving you a brief review of what the plugin offers, discuss pros and cons, and how the plugin stacks up to similar page builder plugins.

What Does Brizy Offer

Brizy is a free drag and drop page builder with a pro version available for pre-order. Similarly to other page builder plugins, Brizy gives you a drag and drop interface and hundreds of premade blocks that you can use to create your site. Let’s discuss the main features more in depth below.

Drag and Drop Interface

With Brizy, you can drag and drop elements onto your page. You can add new elements by clicking the + icon directly on the page or you can add them using the sidebar on the left. The sidebar allows you to add different elements such as text, buttons, icons, counters, and more while the + icon on the page allows you to add different blocks such as headers, testimonials, services, footers, and others.

Building Blocks

As mentioned earlier, Brizy allows you to add various building blocks to your pages which include headers, footers, and other blocks. Those blocks have already been pre-designed so all you have to do is adjust the styling to match your brand.

As you can see from the screenshot, all the styling options are front and center, close to the element you’re editing. This eliminates the visual clutter and allows you to focus on the section you’re working on. You can also create a section from scratch and then save it as your own template and reuse it in later designs.

Inline Editing

Brizy allows you to edit the contents of any block or element directly on the page. You can adjust the styling option for any block on the page, resize images and columns, set styles as global styles, and more. This makes it easier to see the changes as you’re making them without refreshing the page.

What’s more, you can also change any background image to a slider and enable or disable the parallax effect. Brizy allows you to choose between an animated parallax or a fixed parallax and you can even control which part of the image will be visible in a particular section.

Mobile View

Brizy makes it easy to see how your website will appear on mobile devices and make adjustments as necessary. All you have to do is switch to the Mobile view using the sidebar on the left and you will be able to continue editing your site to ensure it works and looks great on any screen size.

Other Notable Features

Brizy comes with the ability to undo any changes you’ve made and it also auto-saves your work so you never have to worry about losing the changes you’ve made. You’ll also find more than 4000 icons that will help you spice up your website’s look.

Brizy Pros and Cons

When it comes to pros and cons, here’s where Brizy shines and where it falls short.

Advantages of Brizy Page Builder

  • Brizy is easy to use and offers a true visual editing experience. You can make the adjustments and add elements and instantly see the changes happen on your page.
  • It also includes stunning premade blocks that will help you speed up the design process.
  • On top of that, you can easily reorder sections using the sidebar on the left and set global styles for your text elements and color scheme

Disadvantages of Brizy Page Builder

Considering Brizy is a new plugin, it doesn’t have as many features as some of the more established page builder plugins such as Elementor, Divi, Thrive Themes, and others. None the less, the plugin is easy to use and can be used to create a beautiful website.

How Does Brizy Compare to Other Page Builder Plugins

As mentioned earlier, Brizy doesn’t have as many features as some of the other page builder plugins but that is to be expected from a new plugin that’s still being developed. However, the features Brizy offers are on par with plugins such as Elementor or Divi. In fact, Brizy seems to take the best features of other page builders and combines them into an easy-to-use plugin with plenty of promising features.

When it comes to theme compatibility, according to the developers, Brizy can be used with Astra, OceanWP, GeneratePress, and Hestia. You can even choose whether you want to use Brizy template or your theme’s default template when creating posts and pages.

Lastly, Brizy is also WooCommerce compatible so you can even use it to build an online store with ease.


Brizy can be downloaded for free from the official plugin repository. A Pro version is in the works and you can pre-order it now from Brizy’s website. The cost for the pro version is $215, allows you to install the plugin on an unlimited number of websites, and includes lifetime support and updates. Additional features that will be available in the Pro version include:

  • Premium designs
  • Popup builder
  • Role manager
  • A/B testing
  • And more

Final Thoughts

Even though Brizy is a new plugin, it certainly is a worthy contender when it comes to page builder plugins. If you want to easily create your site using a drag and drop interface and be able to style every element of your page, consider giving Brizy a try.

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6 thoughts on “Brizy Review

  1. I have seen every YouTube review you have done-all are great. I am wanting to try Brizy but contacting them is an issue. It seems they are pushing you through Facebook. I do not like Facebook and in fact have tried everything to uninstall. How do you contact them when you sign up for the free trial? If Facebook is it then I guess I am out.
    Also, how do I get the free SSL from you for one of my sites?

      1. Currently using InMotion Hosting in LA. They are so so. But, do have excellent support 24/7. I will switch to SiteSupport when InMotion is up to renew.
        I was with Divi but for some reason I am left cold as a newbie. I like your presentations on Divi and Elementor–Very Good.
        I am leaning Elementor as being more cost effective for 1 site.
        THX Keep Up the Effort.

  2. I deleted it. Just to cumbersome to fight through. Maybe I over analyze my issues and research.
    For free I think the Elementor is the way to go.

  3. Hi Darrel, how are you? First I Love your post and videos! They are excellent!!

    I have a cuestion for you, now in 2020, with the developments that brisy has made, what do you think compared to brisy? I’m among the premium version of those two, and although I liked it and it seems to have many options that I still don’t even understand, I was trying the free version of brisy and I loved it. But I don’t know if there is any info that I am missing. The idea is to give our graphic designers the best tool to make pages in the simplest and most practical way possible, in general, graphic designers do not have much experience with code or wordpress. Which page creator seems best to you in the learning curve / flexibility to create pages, brisy or divi? Taking into account that although most of the work we do are not super complex pages, but I would like to have the option to create something a little more complex if some work requires it.

    Many thanks

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