How To Create A Parallax WordPress Website

  • By Darrel Wilson
  • Last Updated: November 2, 2019

Want to learn how to make an amazing parallax wordpress website step by step? My new tutorial is up. I have some things that i want to talk about in this blog post along with things that you WILL NEED to finish this tutorial!

To start, You will need to download the accesspress parallax wordpress them from This is the #1 rated parallax wordpress them on the market and you will need this to complete the tutorial. A quick reminder, this is a free wordpress theme and it comes with unlimited wordpress support as well. Thats pretty impressive. Here are some thing you will need in order to finish the tutorial. Below are the script and codes you will need for the tutorial.


Call To Action Script:

<a href=”#”>Buy Now</a>

Contact Us Page Script:

<div class=”row”>
<div class=”span4 col”>[ufbl form_id=”1″]</div>
<div class=”span2 col”>AccessPress Themes
5th Floor, Mathuri Sadan
Rabi Bhawan, Kathmandu – Nepal
<strong>General enquiries:</strong> [email protected]
<strong>Support:</strong> [email protected]
Skype: access-keys</div>


WooCommerce Shortcodes:

  • products]

Check Documentation for more details

Shortcodes included with WooCommerce

Twitter Apps Link:


border-bottom: 3px solid #424242;

border-bottom: 3px solid green;

.main-navigation ul li.current a{
color: green;

.main-navigation ul li a:hover{
color: green;

eCommerce tutorial: 1:06:52 (Start There) 


This is a majority of the links and info you will need in this tutorial. I hope this help! Let me know if i missed anything. Good luck creating your parallax wordpress website!

17 thoughts on “How To Create A Parallax WordPress Website

  1. Hello, I watched several video’s of you and i like them. I have one questing. How do i get at this theme 1 message over all the page. Not 2 together but 1. Sorry for the bat english. Thank you.

    Greetings from Holland

    Ben Kleinjan
    Ridderkerk – Nederland

  2. Love the video thanks for all the time it took… What with pausing and such… hours! Anyway, I ran into a glitch. The main call to action button and any other link somehow it’s adding my WordPress site address to the beginning of all my links so it leads to a 404 etc.. Why would it be doing that? Do you have a fix?
    See the website included with this message

  3. Hello.
    In the contact us page, the text is appearing below the form.
    I’m not able to figure out the issue.
    I have been following the tutorial correctly but still, I’m not getting the same result.

  4. Hi Darrel, I have watched your video and slowly but surely built my site with your video on and off for hours…lol
    The question I have (and there will probably be a dozen more before I am finished) is: what exactly is the purpose of the features page/service section? It does not seem to be responsive or interactive. have already had people telling me that my buttons on that page don’t work lol

  5. Hi Darrel,
    Thank you for the great tutorial!!
    One thing I was having trouble with was the icons on the Features section. In your tutorial they appeared with a beautiful black circle around them, while when I’m trying to upload icons it doesn’t appear, instead, there is a faded square around it, which doesn’t look good. I’m wondering why is that, and do I need custom CSS to change it?
    I also tried using the icons you shared and got the same results.

  6. Hi Darrel,

    Thank you so much for this tutorial, I absolutely love it, so easy to understand! 🙂 I’ve got just one issue with the contact form page script. I did everything according to the video, but the text is displayed under the contact form, and not next to it. Is there a solution for this? 🙂
    Thank you!

  7. Hello Darrel, thanks for the clear explanation. Really useful and easy to understand. I had 2 issues: one that the call on action script does not work. (yes I made sure to insert it into text and added the link to the page I need it to link too…). Second issue: I can’t seem to get rid of all my actions being posted on the bottom of my website.
    Any idea what went wrong? Thanks so much, Hagit

  8. Hi Darrel,

    Thank you for all the information. My website is almost done and I would love to change the footer section. I have: “WordPress Theme: AccessPress Parallax” and I want to change it for “Desing by xxx”. Can you tell me how to edit this section?

  9. Hi, I need a little favor 🙂

    I have a little problem with section our team. I need to add two person and I want to see the both icons on the centre of page. But I still have them on the right 🙂

    What wrong am I doing? 🙂

    My website is

    Thank you so much

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