Crocoblock Review

  • By Darrel Wilson
  • Last Updated: November 17, 2019

Crockblock Offers tons of Elementor templates and Elementor plugins For WordPress. Their designs are actually quite impressive and worth checking out.

Price Value

User Friendly




Overall Rating

4 / 5.0
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Price: $ 49-499

CrocoBlock Pros

  • Great Looking Designs
  • Dozens of Templates To Choose From
  • A Large Amount Of Plugins For Elementor
  • Kava Theme Included
  • 150 Widgets Also Included

CrocoBlock Cons

  • Some Templates Require Plugins To Work
  • Templates Are Hard To Re-Design Sometimes
  • Some Plugins Can Slow Down Your Website
  • Pricing Can Be Expensive

Discount Code Available (20%OFF)

Crockblock was nice enough to give me a discount code for my visitors. You can use the code croco4darrelwilson to get 20% off your order from crocblock.

A Quick RunDown For Crocoblock

The elementor template market is a little saturated making these template companies offer lower and lower prices. Personally, i think crocoblock is one the best designers for the elementor page builder. I have seen other elementor template services, but personally i think this is one of your best bets as far as design goes. There are alot of template companies that just show really pooly made designed, but ive always been a fan of crocoblocks designs.

Crocoblock Premade Demos

Crocoblock also offers some really powerful plugins for the elementor page builder. Jet elements is a very good one. I personally use it on my website. There are tons of companies that offer various plugins for the elementor page builder but i think this is a good choice for your one stop need for elementor addons and templates. I would give them a try, they do also offer a money back guarantee so you can always try it out risk free

If your starting out and need templates, I would recommend crocoblock as a safe and good company to get elementor templates and elementor plugins.


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6 thoughts on “Crocoblock Review

  1. Hello Darrel, thank you for all you do Sir. I need your opinion on elementor addons. I have elementor pro

    I recently bought element pack pro. I sort of like crocoblocks and i am looking to get it as well. Does it make sense for me to have the two addons, with elementor pro or i just do a money back and purchase the lifetime of crocoblocks?

    Also once my elementor pro license expires does it make sense to renew it since i will have either crocoblocks or element packpro?

    Thank you and i hope to get a feedback from you.

    1. i personally wouldnt have two because it can slow down your website and make your website load slower. Plus its alot of javascript, I would only use one. You will have to keep your elementor license because if an update with wordpress comes up and elementor isnt compatible, youll need to it compatible with your version of wordpress

    2. Keep in mind that although you could easily drop Elementor Pro, you may lose some or a lot of functionality that is required to use these plugins. One of the features in Elementor Pro that I can think of that is utilized a lot by these addons is apart of the Theme Builder – Dynamic Content functionality.

      Personally I think Pro is probably the best investment you could ever make, the rest of the 3rd party plugins are just the icing on the cake.

  2. Hey Darrel.
    Good review. Crocoblock has an installer that really makes the process of installing their widgests/addons super easy. Their addons are top notch. Also check out this site: and you can see a fairly good table by function and comparison of these addons as well as a poll that shows the most popular ones. There is even a discount page with codes.
    The code aove in our review is 15% and not 20%. But I appreciate that much. Thanks D and keep up the great work wherever in the world you are now days.

  3. hello Darrel …
    i came to buy Crocoblock thru your affiliate link to git the discount and also a way to say thank you for all this tutorials but i would like to till you the discount thru your link is not 20% its 15% now ” and thats also ok ” just want to say thank you all the way 🙂 keep your great work with us

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