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  • Last Updated: April 2, 2020

Divi cake is a marketplace that focuses on the divi theme and addons for divi. The marketplace has tons of templates, div child themes, and divi addons for the divi theme. It offers templates as low as $4.99 and up. If you are using the divi theme and want a quick website setup or even extend the power of divi, divi cake is a great resource for divi users.

Price Value

User Friendly




Overall Rating

4.5 / 5.0
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Price: $ 4.99 And Up

Divi Cake Pros

  • Great List Of Plugins For Divi
  • Templates Are Nicely Designed
  • Prices Arent Bad
  • Good Variety of Divi Products

Divi Cake Cons

  • Some plugins are kind of useless
  • Lack eCommerce Child Themes

Divi Cake was created with the primary goal of helping everyone built a beautiful website with Divi as quickly as possible. With hundreds of themes, layouts, and extra plugins for Divi, this marketplace is committed to helping and contributing to the Divi community.

In this post, we’ll take a look at the ease of use of Divi Cake, talk about what they have to offer, and go over the pricing and support options.

Ease of Use – 5/5

Let’s start this review with the ease of use of Divi Cake’s website. The website itself is well organized so you can easily browse to the section that interests you most, whether that’s finding a plugin, a theme or a specific layout.

Divi Cake

Individual categories take you immediately to their respective product category pages where you can sort them based on price. You can also search for a theme or a layout as well as use tags to help you find what you’re looking for.

As far as themes and layouts from Divi Cake’s marketplace, you can easily view a demo before making the purchase.

Installing a theme or a plugin works just like with any other WordPress child theme or a plugin. Once you have the zip file, all you have to do is go to the theme or plugin installation section and upload it to your site.

You can then activate the theme or the plugin as usual.

Divi layouts work in the same way as any other premade layout. Once you create a new page with the Divi builder, all you have to do is click the import icon and upload the .JSON file of the layout you’ve purchased from the Divi Cake marketplace.

Overall, themes, layouts, and plugins bought from Divi Cake are easy to use if you’ve used Divi before and are familiar with how the theme works.

Features – 5/5

As mentioned earlier, Divi Cake marketplace offers child themes, layouts, and plugins for Divi theme. Let’s take a look at what’s available in each category.

Divi Child Themes

Divi Cake currently offers more than 500 child themes for Divi. These child themes allow you to design your website and customize all aspects of your theme without losing changes with each new Divi theme update.

Divi Cake Child Themes

The themes are nicely designed and have a modern look and feel. They also come with several premade pages such as home, about, landing, blog, and more. This means you can quickly and easily have your website up and running. Once you install a child theme, all that’s left to do is add your content and images and style the colors and fonts to your liking.

You can find themes for a variety of industries, from bakeries and coffee shops to corporate and business themes. The only downside to their child theme selection is that there is a lack of themes for eCommerce sites.

Divi Layouts

When it comes to premade layouts, Divi Cake currently offers more than 200 layouts. You’ll find layouts for eCourse websites, team sections, pricing tables, popup windows, and more.

Divi Cake Layouts

Like the child themes, these templates will help you add any type of section to your Divi website and they have a modern and clean design.

Divi Plugins

Divi Cake has a great selection of plugins for Divi. Currently, they offer 60 plugins which include 404 page builder for Divi, video popup module, Facebook comments section, blog customizer, and more.

Plugins are also very affordable and you can easily search for a particular functionality or browse through different tags to find interesting plugins.

It’s worth mentioning that while some plugins are nice, some of them are kind of useless and won’t add much to your website in terms of extra functionality.

Reliability – 4.5/5

As far as the reliability of themes and plugins sold on Divi Cake, it’s worth mentioning that the majority of the items come from reputable developers and designers who are already active in the Divi Community.

Each seller on the Divi Cake website has their own profile where you can learn more about them and even view their rating. You can also visit their website and check out their work before making a purchase.

The themes, layouts, and plugins for Divi offered on Divi Cake are easy to use and customize, especially if you’re already a long-time Divi user. They integrate nicely with the Divi theme and feel like they are a native feature in the Divi theme itself.

Support – 4.5/5

As far as support goes, Divi Cake offers a few basic guides for sellers, buyers, and affiliates. They also have a detailed submission guide on how to become a seller if you’re a Divi designer or developer looking to expand your income.

If you want a thorough documentation or support for individual item, you will need to contact the seller of the item. This can be done directly via their author profile, although in some cases, you might need to contact them through their website.

You can also contact Divi Cake directly before making a purchase on their website if you have any questions.

Pricing – 4/5

Since Divi Cake is a marketplace, you’ll get individual prices for each item sold on the site. In general, here’s how the prices break down:

  • Child themes range in price from $9 for the cheapest theme and $215 for the most expensive theme.
  • Divi layouts range in price from $1.25 for the cheapest layout and $49.95 for the most expensive layout with more pages and features. There is also one layout that’s available for free.
  • Divi plugins on Divi Cake sell for as low as $4.99 and go up to $80 for the most expensive plugin. However, most of the plugins are between $15 and $39.

Most of items on Divi Cake marketplace are sold for use on a single site. In some cases, you’ll find that the items are licensed to be used on multiple websites. It’s worth mentioning that the theme or plugin author can also specify their own license terms and in that case, the product will be licensed under those terms.

Final Thoughts – 4.5/5

Overall, Divi Cake is an interesting marketplace to join and bookmark if you use Divi on your website. It’s also a great place to join if you’re a designer working with Divi as it allows you to get more exposure for your services and Divi-related products.

The main benefit of Divi Cake is that this marketplace offers a great selection of Divi child themes and plugins as well as layouts which can add that extra functionality you’ve been missing in Divi. The templates are nicely designed and quite affordable.

On the downside, there are no layouts or child themes developed specifically for online stores and eCommerce websites so if you’re looking for a child theme for your Divi powered store, you should try a different marketplace.

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One thought on “Divi Cake Review

  1. Hello,

    I wish I had the same experience. I used their service at the recommendation of reviews like this one, and what appears to be some fake reviews on Facebook.
    I purchases a 67 dollar template that I thought would make a high end project go a bit easier. I ma no stranger to Divi or WP. I (stupidly of me) purchased lifetime license thinking I will use it again as it appeared to have some well designed modules.

    My mistake. I didn’t use the template and ended up losing a ton of time due to its poor development and had to scrap it. No problem it happens. I was unpleasantly surprised that they did not even respond to my request for a refund on the lifetime portion of my purchase or even get back to me.

    I was more than willing to pay for the template, but to not refund a lifetime portion that was immediately requested once I realized its limitations is pretty low.

    Thank you for your review, though the absence of any negative reviews online is pretty concerning.

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