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  • By Darrel Wilson
  • Last Updated: November 22, 2019
Divi theme is one of the best themes for WordPress and with good reason. For starters, the Divi theme allows anyone to build a beautiful website without ever touching a single line of code.Another reason why Divi theme is so popular is the huge community behind it. The team behind the Divi theme, as well as designers and developers who specialize in Divi theme and Divi theme enthusiasts, offer plenty of helpful resources, blog posts, layouts, and child themes to help you get the most out of this premium theme. What's more, some of the developers and designers offer free Divi theme resources.However, finding quality, free resources can be time-consuming. That's why in this post, I've rounded up the best free Divi theme layouts for WordPress. Let's get started!

Eight Places to Get Free Divi Theme Layouts for WordPress

Below, you'll find eight websites where you can get completely free Divi theme layouts. The best part about these layouts is the fact that you're not getting just a single-page layout or a single page website. Once you download your chosen layout, you'll see that each layout comes with 4 or 5 pages that you can use to build not only your homepage but also About, Services, Contact, and other pages on your site.

1. Aspen Grove Studios

Aspen Grove Studios Free Divi Theme LayoutsThe first website on the list, Aspen Grove Studio offers a completely free Divi child theme that has all the important pages you'll need to create a website for your business or store. This theme markets itself as a multipurpose theme which means you can use it no matter what type of website you're building. It's versatile and comes with the ability to showcase testimonials, pricing tables, team members, and more. Aside from the free Divi child theme, Aspen Grove Studios offers a number of useful themes, plugins, and other items in their shop so be sure to check them out.
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2. Go Crayons

GoCrayons Free Divi Theme LayoutsGo Crayons offers 6 Divi layout packs, each of which comes with multiple pages. You'll find a stunning homepage in each template as well as inner pages such as About, Services, FAQ, and more. The layouts have been designed to focus on particular niches such as fitness, foodies, artists, and bands but you can easily tweak the imagery and other visual styles to customize the template so it fits with your brand. Go Crayons also offers a ton of Divi tutorials that you can use to further customize your website.
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3. Divi Den

Divi Den Free Divi Theme LayoutsThe third site on this list, Divi Den, has more than 30 free Divi theme layouts. You'll find layouts suitable for a variety of industries such as foodies, construction, SEO agencies, web design agencies, and more. Each template comes with several pages and you can also find individual page layouts for the Divi theme.For example, Divi Den offers an About page layout as well as Blog Page layout so you can feature your blog posts in a stylish way. On top of that, Divi Den has a section with free Divi theme sections so if you’re looking to style a particular section like a gallery or pricing tables, definitely check out Divi Den.
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DarellWilson Free Divi Theme LayoutsNext up is this very website you're on right now. If you go to the Divi Layouts page, you'll find a number of full-featured Divi theme layouts that were created for my by professional web designers. The layouts are suitable for copywriters, small businesses, online stores, agencies, florists, tech shops, and more.Each of the templates comes with a homepage and custom inner pages to share more information about your company, your team, and more. Each layout pack can be customized to match your colors and fonts.It's worth mentioning that the templates are password protected and you can find out what the password is in my newest Divi tutorial.
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5. Mark Hendriksen

Mark Hendriksen Free Divi Theme LayoutsMark Hendriksen is one of my favorite designers and he currently offers 6 free Divi layouts for WordPress. They are categorized based on the industry such as Construction or Small Business pack. Templates were designed with best practices in mind and you'll find that each template includes various custom pages that you can use to quickly launch your site.Mark also offers handy installation instructions and customization instructions so you don't have to worry about not being able to customize your layout pack.
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6. BestDiviChild

Best Divi Child Free Divi Theme LayoutsBestDiviChild Offers a free Divi child theme. It's another multipurpose theme which means you can download it, use it, and customize it no matter what niche your website belongs to. On top of the homepage, you will find custom designs for team member profiles as well as the blog, gallery, and slider sections. This free Divi child theme also comes with the ability to customize the styles and one-click demo import. The theme is also fully responsive which means even visitors on mobile devices will be able to see your site without any issues.
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7. NeedYesterday

NeedYesterday Free Divi Theme LayoutsNeedYesterday offers a grand total of 14 free Divi theme layouts which you can use in an unlimited number of projects or sites, both for personal and commercial purposes. This means that if you're a designer, you can even use these layout packs for client websites.This site also offers free Divi theme sections in case you want to style a particular section on any of your pages. You'll also find individual page templates.A standout feature about NeedYesterday's website is that you can also sell your Divi theme designs such as sections so keep that in mind if you're a designer looking to make extra income.
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8. Nghia Tran Spreadsheet

The last resources on the list is not a website but rather a spreadsheet compiled by Nghia Tran. In this spreadsheet, you'll find more than a 100 handy websites and links which offer completely free Divi layouts. Some of these were shared by none other than Elegant Themes, the development company behind Divi theme during their 100 Days of Divi – a launch special meant to promote the newest Divi release.Other resources include some of the websites listed here as well as other websites and developers who have graciously provided us with free Divi theme goodies.
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Bonus Video: Free Divi Theme Layouts Overview

If you want to get a better idea of how these templates look and work, don’t miss the video below. In it, I show you examples from each site so you can see them in action.

Spice Up Your Website With a Free Divi Theme Layout

The Divi theme is excellent and easy to use theme but if you ever want to spice up your site without paying for Divi theme layouts, there are quite a few places to find free Divi theme layout packs. The above list is a great starting point so use it to find the perfect free Divi theme layout and spice up your website.

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