How To Add Social Login To WordPress 2018

  • By Darrel Wilson
  • Last Updated: November 23, 2019

Adding a social login to your WordPress site or your online store gives your visitors and customers a much better user experience. It allows them to use their existing social network account instead of having to remember yet another email and password combination.

In this post, I'll show you how to use the Super Socializer plugin to add this functionality to your site and discuss other features found in this free plugin.

Adding Super Socializer to Your Site

The first step is to add Super Socializer plugin to your site. To start, go to your WordPress dashboard and navigate to Plugins > Add new. Search for Super Socializer and then click Install. Once the plugin is installed, click the Activate button.

Installing Plugin

You’ll see a notice popup letting you know that the plugin is GDPR compliant and that you need to provide a link to your Privacy Policy so go ahead and do that. Once you've taken care of that, we can dig into the steps needed to enable the social login.

Enabling Social Logins

In your WordPress dashboard, go to Super Socializer > Social Login and check the box next to “Enable Social Login” and press Save Changes. You'll then see all the configuration options for social logins.

Begin by selecting the social networks you want to allow your users to login with. In our example, I've decided to enable Facebook. Let's take a look at how to configure them.

Configuring Facebook Login

Let's begin by configuring the Facebook login first. Start by visiting Facebook Developers section and logging in with your Facebook account.

You will need to register as a developer (if you haven't already done so) so go ahead and click the Register button.

When you're done registering your developer account and filling out the required information, you will be redirected to the Apps page. Here, click Create App.

Creating a new social login app

On the next screen, you can enter the name of your app in Display Name option. Feel free to choose whatever name you'd like but keep in mind it's recommended to use your website's name or your company name.

Next, enter your contact email and then click Create App ID button. Your app will be created and you can then select Facebook Login and press the Setup button.

On the next page, select Web and copy your website address and paste it in Site URL option. Make sure that the url includes http:// or https://, then click Save button.

Navigate to Facebook Login > Settings in the left sidebar. Here's you'll need to add two URLs in Valid OAuth redirect URIs option. The first URL should be the same as your website address used above.

App Settings

For the second URL, you'll want to append /?SuperSocializerAuth=Facebook to the homepage url. Make sure that Client OAuth Login and Web OAuth Login options are set to Yes and then click Save Changes button.

The next step is to go to Settings > Basic page in the left sidebar and specify your website domain (with and without www) in App Domains option. Here, you'll also need to specify your Privacy Policy and Terms of Service page as well as select the category for your website. Click Save Changes button and then toggle the Facebook app Status button to on. Click Confirm in the Make App Public popup.

App ID settings

Lastly, copy App ID and App Secret and paste these in the Facebook App ID and Facebook App Secret options of the Super Socializer plugin. Save Changes and you are done enabling Facebook Social Login.

Advanced Social Login Features

Advanced Settings


Super Socializer allows you to fine-tune where you want to enable the social login as well as some other features. You can:

  • Select whether Facebook accounts are associated with user accounts
  • Choose whether your store or website should pull their avatar
  • Specify a page where users get redirected to after they login
  • Customize messages
  • Generate a shortcode for social login to be used in sidebar areas of your site or on any post or page
  • And setup your GDPR compliance

Other Super Socializer Plugin Features

As I have mentioned earlier, Super Socializer plugin includes social commenting and sharing, several addons, and the ability to display Like buttons on your site. Let's briefly take a look at those features.

Social Commenting

You can enable social comments on your WordPress website or store using Facebook comments, Google+ comments, and Disqus comments. This makes your site even more social and removes the need for users to enter their name, email, and website which can prevent some users from leaving a comment.

Social Sharing

Super Socializer integrates with more than 100 popular social media networks and allows you to select the networks you want to activate, customize how the sharing icons look, where the icons are positioned related to your content, select posts and pages where you want the icons to appear, and so much more.

Like Buttons

You can also enable Facebook like buttons, Pin It buttons, StumbleUpon badges, and other like buttons. The plugin allows you to control where those buttons display, how they look, configure short links, and generate shortcodes to insert them anywhere on your site.

Super Socializer Addons

Super Socializer Addons

Lastly, Super Socializer plugin includes several addons that allow you to recover lost share counts, customize how the social buttons look like, add a MailChimp subscribe button, get notified on new Facebook comments, and more.

You can watch the video version of how to add a social login to your wordpress website right here!

Improve Your Customers User Experience With Super Socializer's Social Login

As you can see, Super Socializer plugin adds a lot of useful features to your site at no extra cost. Use this tutorial to enable social login on your WordPress site or store and improve your customers experience.

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  1. Kindly upload a tutorial that How to make a website contains Logins and Paid Memberships, by using a Free Theme and Plugins ? For example in a Forum only paid members can enter comments and Non Paid can only view it. Please use Stripe payment method.

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