How to Setup Google Product Listing Ads

  • By Darrel Wilson
  • Last Updated: November 21, 2019

If you’ve just launched your online store, you know how important it is to get traffic to it. After all, without traffic your products won’t sell. However, getting traffic to a new store might be difficult unless you’ve spent some time building your social media presence.

Luckily, there are ways to put your products in front of your customers even if you don’t have a significant online following. You can use Google Merchant Center to display your products when someone enters a relevant search term.

In this tutorial, I’ll explain what Google Merchant Center is, why it’s better than paying for Facebook ads, and how to setup your product listings with it. I’ll also add a video tutorial if you prefer the video version at the end.

What is Google Merchant Center

Google Merchant Center is a tool that helps you upload your product listings to their dashboard and use them with Google Shopping, Google Product Ads, and Google Commerce Search. Once you upload the products to Google Merchant Center, you can use Product Listing Ads to advertise them and drive traffic to your site.

When your ads are running, your products will display at the top of the search engine results page with information that includes your website, the price of the item, the description, and the reviews.

Why Google Merchant Center is Better Than Facebook Ads

You might have heard that Facebook ads are great and will help you drive traffic to your store. While Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms out there, the truth is that Google Merchant Center is a much better choice. Here are top three reasons why you should use it instead of Facebook Ads.

1. Local Search Integration

Your product listings can include geotagging which can help direct buyers to your physical store. This is a great option if you have both a physical and an online store.

2. Direct Link to the Product Page

Products will display with the link to the individual product page which means if someone wants to buy, all they have to do is click the ad and they can immediately add the product to their cart and checkout.

3. Better Relevancy

Lastly, ads that use Google Merchant Center display when someone is searching for a relevant terms. Perhaps they are in research mode or perhaps they are looking to make a purchase right then and there – in either case, they are interested in making a purchase.

People browsing Facebook are there to connect with their friends and family so they might not even notice your ad in their feed which means you will pay more for conversion than you would with Google Merchant Center.

How to Setup Product Listing with Google Merchant Center

Setting up your Google Merchant Center account and product listings is a process that requires several steps.

1. Sign up for Google Merchant Center

Start by going to Google Merchant Center and click on Sign in. You’ll need to have a Gmail account for this so if you don’t have one, create that first. Otherwise, proceed with the sign in process.

You’ll need to answer a few questions such as where is your business located and what’s the name of your business. You’ll also need to enter your website’s URL. The last step here is to read and accept the terms and conditions.

2. Verify Your Website

Once you’ve accepted the terms and conditions, you’ll need to verify that you own the website you’ve set as your store. You’ll be given a meta tag that you need to add to your site and the best way to do that is to use the Yoast Plugin.

Go to your website and navigate to Yoast > General > Webmaster Tools. Paste the meta tag there, save the changes, and then go back to the Merchant Center and click Verify. After your website has been verified, click on Finish.

3. Link Your Google Ads Account

The next step is to link your Google Ads account with your Google Merchant Center account. You’ll want to go to Google Ads and sign in with the same Gmail account. If you’ve never used Google Ads before, you’ll need to go through a similar setup process as you did with Google Merchant Center.

You’ll need to provide your business and website details and then you’ll have to create an ad campaign before you can go back and link your account. Once you’re done, be sure to disable the campaign first and then click your profile picture in the top right corner.

Copy the number next to Google Ads Account and go back to Google Merchant Center. Click on the three dots next to your profile photo and select Account Linking. There, paste your Google Ads account number and click Link.


4. Import Your Products Into Google Merchant Center

Now that your accounts are linked, you need to import the products. In Google Merchant Center, click on Products > Feeds. On the next page, you’ll need to choose the country and the language and then specify the method you’ll use to upload the feed.

In this example, I’ve chosen the Google Sheets method. Keep in mind that you’ll need to add all your products manually to the spreadsheet but this is a task that can easily be outsourced to someone on Fiverr.

Alternatively, you can use the Google Product Feed extension from WooCommerce which will fetch the feed automatically.

5. Create Your Campaign

Now is the time to create your campaign. Back in Google Ads, click on Create new campaign. Select Sales > Shopping. Enter your country and select the standard shopping campaign.

On the next page, you’ll have to enter campaign details such as your bid strategy, start and end dates, display rules, and more. When you’re done, click save and continue.

On the next page, you’ll be able to select the ad group type, set your bid, and then click Save. Your ad will then be running and ready to be shown in Google.

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Video Tutorial: How to Set up Google Product Listing Ads

If you prefer the video version, watch the video below. It goes through all the steps necessary to create your Google Merchant Center Account, verify your website, and setup your product listing ads.

Final Thoughts

Setting up your Google Product Listing Ads is not complicated once you know the exact steps to follow. Use this tutorial to help you out and start getting traffic to your store. Happy selling!

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