New Divi Theme Features You Need to Know About

  • By Darrel Wilson
  • Last Updated: November 25, 2019

Hello there! It’s time to show you some exciting new Divi theme features.

Elegant Themes consistently impress. They take feedback from developers seriously and go to work finding ways to make page building simpler for developers.

If you haven’t logged in to check out Divi in awhile it will feel and look different for you. But no worries, the Divi theme is made to be simple and intuitive and you’ll catch on in no time. You can check out the video at the end of this article to see these new features at work.

Let’s get started.

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Extended Styler

The first thing the Divi theme has done is make it easier and faster for users to change up styles on pages.

Let’s say you have 3 different pricing tables on your website. If you wanted to change the background color and font, you typically would have to go to each table individually and manually change each one.

With this new feature, you can mimic your new background and font on all of your tables. All you need to do is right-click on the upper part of of your pricing table and choose “Extend blurb styles.”

From here you can extend the new look of your pricing tables to the entire section, page, row, or column.

And this isn’t just for blurbs. You can use the extended styler for any modules you want.


Elegant Themes have been listening to their customers and now offer up to 6 columns! It might not sound too exciting a first but in the past, you would have needed a plugin to include more than one column. So this is an exciting new feature, for sure.

Find & Replace

Another cool feature that some developers don’t use but should is Find & Replace. This feature allows you to automate the system of adding colors to your website.

For example, let’s say you have several buttons on your page. Instead of figuring out the color code and manually changing each color on each button — which is TEDIOUS — you can use find and replace to change them all at once. This new feature makes it super simple.

All you need to do is go to Settings > Design, scroll down and click on Button. Find the button background color and from here right click and choose Find and Replace. From here, under Find you can put in the color code (should already be there) of the background color you want to replace. Next under Replace you can choose a color or type in the color code of your choice.

You then have the option to change the color from within any module, page, section, row, or column.

Hit the Replace button and the Divi theme will go to work to change the button background color on the module(s) you have chosen.

Suggestions for Color Palettes

Another small, but very cool feature is suggested color palettes. Based on the colors you are using, the Divi theme uses an algorithm to give you some recommended colors to use. For those that are palette challenged, it’s a great feature. Try it out, it’s pretty cool.

Custom Post Types

This is a new feature that allows you to edit custom post types. You can simply go to a project, click on Divi Builder and you are given other options like Visual Builder and you can edit your post. You can also do this with e-commerce products as well.

Quick Access

What this does is allow you to go through and edit modules on your site quickly and easily. To do this, click on Enable Visual Builder, go to the module you want to change, and click on Module Settings. When you hover over it, you’ll see the little blue bars pop up and when you click on them, you can change any design element you like. It’s super simple and easy to make quick edits on your module.

Version Roll Back

This is a cool feature in case your site breaks or crashes for any reason. Although it’s hard to pinpoint the reasoning for this, it can sometimes be due to bad CSS or the lack of a child theme.

Regardless of the reason, Rollback Version gives you the opportunity to “roll back” to the previous version of your site until the bugs are fixed. Hopefully you don’t have to use this, but it’s a great feature to have on hand just in case.

You can find this from your dashboard by going to Divi > Theme Options > Updates.

Contact Form

I’m excited about this one. This form is very robust. It’s stunning and I’m super impressed with the amount of thought work that goes into this theme. It even includes conditional logic — which will probably require a separate tutorial — but let's talk about the updates for now.

When you click on the “gear” icon you will see a variety of settings.

  • Check boxes
  • Email field
  • Text Area
  • Radio button
  • Dropdown
  • Conditional Logic

Many of the above are standard for contact forms. However, one you might not be familiar with is conditional logic.

With conditional logic you can give a person another set of questions or options to pick based on the answer they give. Depending on your needs it has limitless options for you.

Another feature to note is checkboxes. They are simple but can be used multiple ways. One cool use is for acknowledgements. If you have disclaimers, terms of service, or something similar checkboxes can be a great way for someone to acknowledge they’ve understood your policies, terms, or disclaimers.

There are lots of uses for each element on the contact form so think about what information you want to gather when using them.

New Layouts

Every week, Elegant Themes is rolling out two new layouts to Divi. Elegant Themes has done a great job of giving you solid templates with several pages. When we looked at the options we found some layouts with over 8 pages including an about page, landing page, services page, contact page, pricing page, home page and more. It gives you just about everything you need to start building a great website for your clients, especially if you are a new developer.

Currently, they have over 533 layouts available so you have some solid choices. This is very impressive compared to other themes out there as many only give you layouts with only a one-page template. Considering most clients will need more than one page, the Divi theme is more than generous.

If you don’t see something you like, you are encouraged to reach out if there is something you would like to see.


One aspect of page building that can get confusing is padding and margins. Divi theme has made it simpler and easier to navigate.

Instead of going back and forth to change padding or margins on entire sections you can now link the top, bottom, left, and right so it looks balanced.

This way when you make any changes the formatting looks balanced and clean. You also have the option to manually change the padding if you prefer.

New API for Developers

One thing that separates the Divi theme from other page builders is that it also provides new developers with tools to help them learn.

They recently came out with Divi 3.1, which teaches beginners how to design their own modules and it’s pretty extensive. It’s just another way the Divi theme stands out. They really seem to care about what they do and want to help developers and raise the standards in our industry.

Last Word

Elegant Themes continues to excel in site building and the Divi theme is no exception. It’s no surprise the Divi theme in the number one most installed WordPress theme. They continue to stay on the pulse of their users and are constantly finding ways to improve their products. These new features are another example of how they are taking their customers and the industry seriously.

To get a better idea of the new features–and to see them in action — you can watch the following video:

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