• By Darrel Wilson
  • Last Updated: November 2, 2019

The New Divi Layouts

The divi theme has really grown in popularity over the years. Ever since it released its new version 3.0, many people and complete noobs have switched over to it. In fact, many companies and myself included and designed divi divi layouts for people to just simple upload. It goes something like this

You get the Divi Theme

You upload The layouts

You just saved months of work

I also have many of the divi layouts for free. However, for people who want more design and a better look and feel for their website, I have created these layout kits for the divi theme. Feel free to try them. If you arent 100% satisfied with the layouts, i will refund you no problem! I get it, web design takes time. The divi theme is here to make your life alot easier. So use technology to your advantage and these layout kits!


This divi layout kit comes with 5 pages. It is good for just about anything. I do also have some instructions when you download it  add some extra CSS features to bring even more detail to your website. The divi layout comes with the home, about us, services, portfolio, and contact us page. You can view the layout here

Divi Business Layout

The divi business layout is mutlipurpose. You can simply just upload the layout on to a clients website and you are all set and ready to go! It does have some extra CSS features that i threw in there where you can make a fullwidth landing page and also add a small bar under your titles. The layout comes with the home page, about us, services, parallax section, and the contact page. Try it today!

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