Divi eCommerce Layout


This divi ecommerce layout comes with several pages and theme builder templates


Divi eCommerce Layout Includes

  • Home Page
  • About Us Page
  • Contact Us Page
  • Custom Shop Page
  • Custom Shop Category Pages
  • Custom Divi Footer Layout
  • 5x Divi theme Product Layouts

18 thoughts on “Divi eCommerce Layout

  1. Hi Darrel! I downloaded the zip file, and unwrapped it. I see four files
    About Us
    Contact Us
    Home Pgge.

    I imported Divi-Theme-Builder-Templates-Shop-Shop-Categories-Products into the Theme Builder. I could not, however, import, the other 3. I’m obviously not getting something here, can you help me out?

    Thanks again…your tutorial is a great help!

        1. I cannot tell you how grateful I am you created all of these templates and tutorials! Simply awesome. You, sire, are the best!

  2. Where should I import the “Divi-Theme-Builder-Templates-Shop-Shop-Categories-Products” file?
    In both Divi Library and page builder it says “cannot be imported in this context”

  3. Hey Darrell,
    I’m working with the Divi Them Builder Template you provided. All has been going well, but recently, when I go to my products pages and open them to work on them a dialog box pops up “Missing Post Content Module” Along with this explanation: “This post has been assigned a template using the Theme Builder, however, the template being used does not contain a Post Content module.

    A Post Content module is required in order to add unique content within the Theme Builder template. Once a Post Content module has been added to the template, you will be able to add unique post content within that area for each post using the template.

    Current template: All Products”

    I have no idea what to do with this. Can you help?

    1. the post content module is where the content goes in your blog post. i didnt add this in the layouts because its not a blog layout, to be honest, ive never heard of this error, im not sure how i can help. i havent heard of other users yet having this problem yet

  4. Another awesome video Darrel. You are the best and most informative person on YouTube bar none. Keep up the good work. I really appreciate the information.

  5. Hi there.

    Great tutorial, great template.

    I still don’t understand how to import these 4 files into Divi Theme Builder. Can you help me…be more specific, please?

    Thank you. Best regards.

  6. HI Darrel,
    Awesome video! Having difficulty importing the free layout files to my Macbook pro. The file is Plain text – Help!


  7. I am installing but when I import it I get the following error.

    This file should not be imported in this context.

    in which of your videos is the tutorial and what steps should I follow

    from what minute to what minute


  8. Hi DARREL WILSON, how are you?

    Im having problem to upload the “Divi-Theme-Builder-Templates-Shop-Shop-Categories-Products.jason” file.

    Can you help me?

    The plataform jus been thinking but nothing happens

  9. Good day Darrelwilson, thanks for this wonderful tutorial. May God continues to bless you abundantly

    please I can’t find the *Custom Divi Footer Layout* in the package, Help!!!
    Thanks sir

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