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A WTF Mystic Secret Sidebar From Hell… Help!

JackA asked 2 years ago

See every time i think im done something weird happens, and now i tought i was done finally done just needed the last text and add a member plugin and done, but Hell noo, WordPress once again comes with a Mystic problem and this time im totally at a loss, its like wordpress is just doing it totally on purpose just to say hey i dont like you… WTF is up with that man…
what have i ever done that stupid ass CMS its like its going bla bla bla talk to the hand b**** or i am if that stupid ass program just could say a tiny thing … FFS
Man you can see this stupid ass sidebar appears out of nothing i can remove it under single post and shit but at the question and answer it stays putt.. ARRRRRRRRH!!! man if this keeps up with WordPress playing jokes its gonna go out on that old lady there always walks by on the street at the same time, and just drop my pc down in her head, and when she moves just a tiny bit and tries to look up, im gonna Yell yeah maybe next time you walk by here you gonna look up Huh B**** ARRRRH!
I think im starting to hate WordPress more then Apple