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About the rental ladies dresses website

Ricardo asked 2 years ago

Hi Darrel. 
Thanks for your fast answer! 
I  tried to reply under your answer but couldn't do it. 
What I need is nothing fancy at all. I believe you are thinking I'm looking for something very elaborated as a car rental service. Not at all. 
I just need something I can insert new fields (radio/form/option). One of this options would be a calendar for “when do you want to receive this dress at your home? We recommend 3 days before the day you are going to use it.” 
So the client will point a date on this calendar. If this dress is reserved for another client on that date, these days would be greyed out on the calendar and thats it.
Sorry to insist on this question but I have no one else to ask.
THank you so much for your attention!

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darrel wilson Staff answered 2 years ago

hey you would need to use the woocommerce product addons plugin