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Agentpress listings

Amber Gordon asked 2 years ago

Hi Darrel!
Your Agentpress tutorial has helped me out tremendously, Thank you!! I'm having trouble with the listings page. I don't know if there was an update since you made the tutorial, but when I input the listing info it looks completely different then yours.
Is there a way to change what catagories appear when your viewing the actual listing? Right now it shows 
Property type:
… I would like to change what catagories appear, or not have them show at all. Some of our listings are vacant land and these catagories are left blank. 
Any advice is appreciated! Thanks

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darrel wilson Staff answered 2 years ago

few things, the theme may have updated because wp-engine purchased the company so yeah it might have changed. Try emailing their support and see iif they can help, if this doesnt work, hire a developer for around $5 and simply tell them what you want and they should be able to help you. Have you tried to get a developer from fiverr?