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Any good social thing for sidebar? i want something awesome as you got! yea its slick

Leif Mortensen asked 2 years ago

Man, im annoyed over that muse went down, cause i showed all i knew there wanted to get there own homepage up and running, and then Freaking Adobe turned the key on it, i have to say for an non techy guy that was dope, they could get fast into it, and from a designers perspective it was really sweet i did some minor jobs with it, spend waaaay more time on design then normally, but the new age there is coming with all these faster things like builders and so on its gonna be alot of webdesigners and devolopers going under, at least normal guys with normal HTML homepages, even tho if one can get a good known firm, like Siemens and so on its a steady job, since they have it all at their homebases..

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darrel wilson Staff answered 2 years ago

hey i use the monarch plugin for social shares and the bloom plugin for email optin