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Blog sub menu

Leif Mortensen asked 2 years ago

Hey Darrel, i was wondering how have you made that sub menu on your blog? as you can hear im kind of new to WP but its more the structure with the setup, its a bit confusing here at the get go..
But is it a post grid with a i dunno what to call it, i think they call it: isotope layout on the the post grid plugin is it something like that? with something like pods to make costume content type as well to make the naming with
wordpress tutorials and how to, and so on?

or do you have some tutorials about it i have been looking around on your tuts but i couldnt really find what i tryed looking for?

sincere Leif

1 Answers
darrel wilson Staff answered 2 years ago

go to your menu > appearance > menu, than drag the page under the page you want the dropdown menu. This way you can create a dropdown menu for any page

Leif M replied 2 years ago

I dunno if i maybe said it wrong but you dont think of a sub item right? like when u see the main menu, and then you got like 3 sub item menu links?

like you have on your divi theme main menu with drop down, but like you have it on the blog..

Leif M replied 2 years ago

I mean on your blog page you have a i dunno what you call it, but you have an extra menu on your blog page with wordpress tutorials, how-to, wordpress themes, plugins and reviews!!
It was that i meant

Leif M replied 2 years ago

Man i think i found out of it, been high here while wondering of it with the posts and didnt see under there was categories, -.-