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Change color/text of “Add to basket” in woocommerce

Jan asked 2 years ago

Hello Darren,

With the help of your tutorial, I was able to make a lovely e-commerce website using the accesspress theme. I didnt really like the light color settings, So I changed the color in Appearance —> editor. However, I am not able to find where to change the color of the add to basket button. Can you help me with this ?
Small follow-up question: if there is an update for the accesspress theme, does this mean that all my color changes will be overwritten again ?

Url of website (slow non live version for development) :

You can find the button under shop —> bulk deals

I am completely new to website design and programming, So I would like to thank you for the tutorials you do.

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darrel wilson Staff answered 2 years ago

there is a free plugin to do this in the wordpress repository, google woocommerce add to cart button color changer or something like this, and you should find it, its free