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Client’s issues

Rahul Dubey asked 2 years ago

Hello Darrel
I'm Rahul Dubey from India. I need of your suggestion that how to handle and discuss about the design of the website with the clients that have no idea about it and due to this, may be they will not satisfy with the design that I have completed for them.
How to ask them for the design for thier website? 

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darrel wilson Staff answered 2 years ago
  1. ask for a payment up front maybe 50% to see if they are serious
  2. when you are 50% done ask for another 25% and when 100% done ask for 25% momre
  3. if they are not happy, than you must change it, but ask for colors and fonts, if they want more changes, than you need to tell them you will need to charge per hour ( they hate they but this is why you ask for 50% or they will run
  4. try and work with them, i did it for years so i know exactly what you are going though mate, good luck