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Darrel the WP Guru guy,!

Leif asked 2 years ago

You got any tutorials about setting up a blog like you have? i mean with those menu, as wordpress tutorials, how to, wordpress themes, wordpress plugins and so on, i mean so you give them an link address? cause i like that i found that The post grid, cause it makes an simple Isotope menu filtering, but its not with an link address, so i cant really make an link to the specific location as WordPress themes, or plugins or wordpress tutorials, only to the guide side, or the main blog page, that kind of bugs me, but alot of the tutorials i have seen about blogging its like to much wtf talk, instead of start with showing what they gonna make and then start the tut afterwards..

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darrel wilson Staff answered 2 years ago

i have a tutorial on the extra theme, but i might make another tutorial on another blog, i think extra is legit, but i thiink there might be better options for a blog like the elementor blog or a theme from envato, i will add it to my list!

Leif M replied 2 years ago

ya okay, its just its nice with the different pages of the site