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Flatsome Question

Aaron G. asked 2 years ago

Hello darrel,

I have two questions. One dealing with flatsome and the other regarding a tutorial request. When replacing the flatsome logo with a custom one the logo will not show up clearly its very small and it stays the same even if I change the pixels or the size of the logo, how can I correct this issue. The next question is just inquiring about a previous question about making an event website with DIVI. I just wanted to see if that was still in the works.

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darrel wilson Staff answered 2 years ago
  1. use the same dimensions as the flatsome theme logo if you cant find the right on, its located in your media library
  2. event website? i dont think i have a tutorial on thiis, i would point you to a 3rd party marketplace though maybe they have something like this

try or i think both have tons of divi child themes