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Freelancer/Customer Relationhip

Yusfu Daramay asked 2 years ago

I have a question on freelancer/customer relationship. I am about to start a business  with big thanks to you Darrel and I was wondering if I should host the clients on my account.
1. If I do that, they have no access to their site and can't edit/see comments of potential customers etc.  
2. If they decide to leave or do business with someone else, how do I pass over their website since I'm the one that owns the domain name on my account

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darrel wilson Staff answered 2 years ago

Some designers have choices here, most web hosting companies now offer ” access” to their clients info, but if you are in the business of making website, i would have it hosted with you in case they fail to pay you, if they want to leave you would give them the EPP key and unlock the domain so you can transfer it to wherever they want