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Hi Darrel

Paul asked 1 year ago

Recently I watched one of your tutorials on how to build a WordPress website using the Flatsome theme. Before watching your video I already had a WordPress website using the Store Front theme through Woocommerce & have been adding products with Printful (

I haven't launch my store yet because I'd like the webpage to have some curb appeal. I believe using the Flatsome theme will create an appealing presentation for any viewers as you suggest, but When I tried installing it, an error message appeared saying “The package could not be installed. No valid plugins were found.”

To get around this, I manually installed the Flatsome theme through FTP using Filezilla. However, since I installed it manually, the installation wizard didn't prompt me to put in the product code to register it. As a result, the “Edit With UX Builder” button doesn't show for me to click on. Not sure if your still helping random people who watch your YouTube video like myself, but if you are, can you tell me what I can do to solve this problem?

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darrel wilson Staff answered 1 year ago
  1. you need to go to appearance theme to upload the theme ( the plugin section is for plugins)
  2. have you fixed this? have you talked to your hosting? sounds like a weird error