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Hosting renewal

Nishan asked 2 years ago

Hi, based on your suggestions, I switched to SiteGround a year ago. I'm super happy with their service but time has come to renew. I would like to stay with SiteGround but not for the new price. It's too much for me. If it's not for SiteGround, what would you recommend as an alternative with a low fee? Are there any hacks or tips to stay with SiteGround at the same discounted price? (I have currently hosted 3 websites in my account. I hope you understand my situation.) On a side note, I learn so much from your YouTube lessons. Thank you so much for putting great lessons. You have no idea how beneficial they are.

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darrel wilson Staff answered 2 years ago

well honestly i think the price renewal is reasonable for the year, it does go up but if its working, i would stay with it. You can also try hostgator or a2, but it it worth staying?

Hostgator does offer a lower renewal fee