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How to change theme in production site with minimal downtime?

Sem asked 10 months ago

Hi Darrel, I have an eCommerce site ( built using WooCommerce + Product Vendor. The theme is The Shopier. I came across your video and I like Flatsome theme. Therefore I created a clone site ( using Flatsome theme. Now I would like to migrate whatever I did in clone site to the production. How should I do it so that the production have minimal downtime?

p.s.: By uploading Flatsome theme to the production site, I can definitely re-do all my work in the clone site. However, all the current pages will not load correctly because they are built using The Shopier theme. How should I go around with it?

Thank you. I actually might have submitted duplicated tickets, because I can't find the previous ticket record. So I decided to resubmit.

Thank you for your time. And I love your videos.

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darrel wilson Staff answered 10 months ago

you can throw up an under construction page plugin. seedprod has a good one, for tickets you can try wootickets, have you tried those? 

chinsem replied 10 months ago

Hi Darrel, thank you for your answer.

With the “under construction page plugin”, the production site is considered down while I am doing the development work using Flatsome. Is there a way for me to build pages using Flatsome theme while keeping the production site live (in The Shopier theme), and when everything is ready, I can just switch over to Flatsome theme?