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How to create a sign-up page?

Christian Allen asked 2 years ago

I watched Darrel's 4-hour tutorial on the Flatsome theme 2018, but I don't recall him going over how to set up a “sign-up” page. I know he talked about the “my account” page, but he didn't cover how to set up a “sign-up” page.
I noticed that if you click on “my account” when you're already logged in, it will take you to the “my account” dashboard. But if you click on “my account” when you aren't logged in, or don't have an account, then it will take you to a sign-up section. Also, if you click on sign-up on his website, it will have a pop-up. I'm wondering how to create that on my website.
If he has any other tutorials covering these topics, could you please link them to me?

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darrel wilson Staff answered 2 years ago

hey mate i will have a tutorial on this very soon, use a pluginĀ 

Ultimate Member – User Profile & Membership Plugin

just slap the shortcode somewhere on your website and this will create the formĀ