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Is it possible to make like a featured video on the blog page?

Leif M asked 2 years ago

Yoo Darrel the WP guru guy, man i'll try see if i can't ask the right question this time, Is it possible to make an like featured video on the top of the blog page for like a small introduction?
kind of when you make featured images for post, but just a video and then its for the main blog page?

Leif M replied 2 years ago

Yooo Darrel WP Guru guy, im sorry for these stupid questions on so short time apart, but tought i could take 2 birds with one stone, but cant one remove page title with out having to do it in code or with a plugin ? its just more when i think about it when i started on my website for getting into wordpress, i think there was like a home title on the landing page..
It just sound like way to much hassle either you delete in the code, or use a plugin and the more plugins one have it takes a bit of loading time, if i understand it correctly?

isnt there a 3rd option like press a button and it wuush disapears? like bye bye shitty ass title? i tryed yelling at it but with no luck..

1 Answers
darrel wilson Staff answered 2 years ago

You can use a GIF to make a sort of animated video for your featured image but i dont think you can use videos
As far as removing the title, both astra and wpocean have this feature inside the theme, but some themes you may need to use a plugin for this sadly
I dont think there is a like icon to remove the page title 🙁