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Issue with Homepage Body on WordPress

Mallory asked 1 year ago

I have been using your Elementor wordpress tutorial to design my blog and it has been extremely helpful. Thank you very much for providing it. I have been changing my Header menu on my homepage today. Unfortunately, I added something on the top of my page somehow during the process and cannot figure out how to get it out of here. It appears to be part of the ‘Body' because when I went under Customizer –> Typography –> Body and messed with the font, it changed the part that says ‘Place content here.' When I view my website, I don't see those words but there is an ugly white space with a gray line under it above my beautiful homepage. I don't need or want this there and can't figure out how to remove it but I think it's something I did in Customizer not Elementor. Please help if you know what I am referring to and how to remove it. I wanted to attach a screenshot here, but can't figure out how to.  I included the link so you can see the white space and border at the top. Thank you!