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Man you got so many followers should’nt you start with doing plugins there are international language?

Leif Mortensen asked 2 years ago

I tought it was so sweet with this question plugin, but then i installed it and the filter and all is in english, and then i got sad…

Darrel i'm sad and thats your fault! 🙁 was thinking man this is awesome i like easy and relaxed things, and then freaking filters its in english and then button says ask question 🙁 and couldnt find a way to change it!

You know anyway to do that? or you got any other sweet questions plugin for that? You are Darrel the WP Guru guy! you must know something right?

Leif M replied 2 years ago

O.o sorry it is 11 language supported just not danish, but i found one for danish i think but it ant as smooth as this awesome question answer plugin

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darrel wilson Staff answered 2 years ago

someone asked me this and sorry to say i dont have too much experience with multi language plugins, i think polylang is the most popular one right now for wordpress