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Memberpress informations

Mirek M. asked 2 years ago

Hello, I want to create a wordpress site that specializes in betting tips. I've been looking for various plugins, and memberpress looks like beset one for me. Simply, the customer buys a registration for a certain period of time and then gets to the member section where he will receive tips. My questions are: template – What kind of template to the memberpress would you recommend me or memberpress offers some to the plugin? Payments – The user offers me payment via paypal and stripe. If I understand this, the stripe is normally a payment via the card number (visa, mastercard). But when I looked at the web stripe, the Czech Republic is not part of the countries that support the stripe. Is there a possibility to use the stripe in the Czech Republic? Members section – Is it possible for the registration section for paid members to pay for some online support? Best to communicate via webcam and chat. And can you install a plugin in this section, a table where the current tips will be listed? Or some extract that will be edited once? If you had some tips, what is the best way for this intent, I would like to. Thanks for replying.