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Ocean WP Compatibility Error?

Omar Alvarado asked 2 years ago

Hi Darrel.

I watched your YouTube video “How To Make A WordPress Website 2018 – EASY And FAST!”, and it made me want to use the Ocean WP theme as recommended.

Unfortunately though, when I installed and activated the theme, I get the following error:

“Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING in /home1/alvarado/public_html/ on line 319”

And I could not get back in to my WordPress panel. So I contacted Hostgator where my site is hosted, and they said there was a ‘compatibility' error, and that I should contact the Ocean WP devoloper about it. When I asked what was incompatible, they were not very clear.

I'm really interested in following your instructions, since this video seems to most resemble what I want to accomplish (a full-featured blog/website). The Ocean WP theme and Elements (is that it?) looks really cool, but now I'm stuck. I'm not sure what other theme to pick if I can't use this one, and then your video will be all but impossible to follow.

Do you have any suggestions? Have you seen this error before? And could the problem be on the HostGator side?

Thanks very much!

Omar Alvarado

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darrel wilson Staff answered 2 years ago

this is a hosting error, when you contacted them, they should be able to fix this, call them again, dont take no for an answer, many of the times each company will blame each other but make sure your php version is on 7 and insist that its a hosting problem , sorry mate for that