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Okay quick 101 language + translation Crash Course for Darrel The WP Guru Guy!

Leif M asked 2 years ago

Okay Darrel see i give you a fast 101 crash course. just picked it all up, polylang plugin if im not mistaken its for more then one language at once site, man you should be international, more viewers more buyers,
but loco translate is a plugin to translate the plugins, so if they are not translated you can download that under plugin, there is a second method with Poedit, and that is in the folder directive,

under language plugin or plugin language folder cant remember, but a Po file, but if they really want the plugin and its not written in the language yet one can self do it over from english in both loco translate and poedit, but if one really want it done fast and with best translation one can subscribe for poedit its really sweet translation, i just used the 10 free translations. man translated over a thousand strings zZzZ first the WPforo and then the DWQA but now QA is in danish or i got the danish translation and made the translation for DWQA for next update it will be with yea already helping out the community xD but there you go Leif's 101 language + translation crash course for Darrel the WP guru guy.. yea

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