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On my home page there is no : ” edit with UX builder “

Christina asked 2 years ago

I bought the : ״Flatsome״ theme as was in you video on youtube and i did step by step as in your video . But the problem started when you click on : ” edit with UX builder ” because i dont have it . i log in as a administrator and i after i went to hope page but i dont have the menu on top to click the ” edit page ” I looked for an hour and did not find it because of this I decided to write to you . So i hope you can help me because i can't continue with the building of my site .


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darrel wilson Staff answered 2 years ago

hey there
sorry you are having problems, when you install the  flatsome theme, create a brand new page and publish it. Once you create it, you will than see an option in the backend and also on the top 
let me know if you got the flatsome theme to work