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Product page customization – woocommerce

Ricardo asked 2 years ago

Hello again, Darrel!
I'm an artist too. I already have a website with my paintings displayed on them.
Now I want to implemment an ecommerce to start selling prints in different sizes and my originals too.
Obviously, the originals prices will be way higher, and prints will be a lot more affordable. 
How can I do that? I believe this is going to be like that (please tell me if my idea is stupid):
radio button for the option “do you want to buy this original painting?” 
Bellow that, another option: “do you want to buy a print/reproduction from this art piece?” (shows a dropdown menu with different sizes – each size has a different price, of couse).
am I missing anything? Can this be done with just woocommerce options? Do I need a plugin? Which one?
Is there a more inteligent way of doing it?
Thank you!
Ricardo (the one from the rental ladies dresses).

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darrel wilson Staff answered 2 years ago

sure but what kind of theme are you using? you can edit it with flatsome, elementor, and the divi theme as well. I would just need to know which page builder you are using