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Richard Pagliaro asked 2 years ago

Hi Darrel, 
First off, awesome work on you're YouTube videos. They're super helpful. 
Little about me.
I own a vintage movie poster business from Melbourne Australia. I've been using generatepress / WooCommerce for a while now. I love generatepress for its speed, but feel it's a little simple for an ecommerce site  
Do you think flatsome is still an ideal theme these days for an ecommerce site? 
My site is in my signature for you to review. 
Thanks heaps mate 
Richard Pagliaro 
Reel Movie Posters 

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darrel wilson Staff answered 2 years ago

for ecommerce, flatsome is my choice, it has tons of marketing templates, is offers alot of customizations compared to generate press. I do have a turorial on the flatsome theme as well