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Rental website for ladies dresses

Ricardo Büchner asked 2 years ago

hi Darrel.
Thanks for all your videos! IT's been very helpful to me. 
I'm starting a new business (Rental website for ladies dresses), and want to build it using wp (flatsome theme). I have already watched the whole tutorial you made (the 4hour one), and others about booking plugin. 
The reantal business is slightly different from hotel bookings because it has many details that should be covered: body measurements, event date (which will define the shipping date, and the return date). 
I just don't know how the booking plugin would acomodate all my needs. I believe I need something that I can customize the product page to my needs, but how?
Thank you!!

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darrel wilson Staff answered 2 years ago

hmmm, i gotta be honest, there are many plugins on envato market and plugins on codecanyon that can help you with this feature, but for a rental service, i personally havent built one yet so i couldnt give real good advice here