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Search Function cont.

Whitney asked 2 years ago

Sorry I couldn't figure out how to answer the question you posed, within the thread of your answer about search functions. 
I set up my blog/site with Lovecraft on, and now exported it to .org but want to change the theme. Do you recommend one with particularly strong search capability?  Would I be best to start with a “directory” style theme? 
Separate but related… Can I create a draft website somehow with the new theme and stuff, and then make it go “live” all at once, displacing the current one, when it's ready?  Right now if i activate a new theme I see I'll have to spend a bunch of time reformatting things before I can get started on new content. 

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darrel wilson Staff answered 2 years ago

i like using themes with the search module in it. for example divi has  a search function inside it. this way it looks more natural on the website
number 2, yes two ways, create it on a local host or add a under construction page, either way will work