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Setting up sales tax for multiple states in WooCommerce?

Jason Barretto asked 2 years ago

Darryl, first off thank you for the video recommendation from a previous post I made. My first question this time has to do with taxes. If a business has a physical presence in more than one state (like Amazon), can WooCommerce be set up to charge sales taxes for sales to residents of those states?
My other question is, if we’re not ready to set up an actual live site yet can we build our practice/demo site with WooCommerce offline on our desktops using software like XAMPP? I know it can be done with WordPress, but not sure about WooCommerce. I’m pretty sure certain things like setting up test payments option (like PayPal, Stripe, etc.) wouldn’t be available offline, but to just set up the design aspect of our site before migrating it to an actual server.

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darrel wilson Staff answered 2 years ago

yes they also have a new automated taxes system that allows this, when you set up woocommerce have you seen this feature to set up automated taxes with woocommerce?