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Shopisle theme problem

Matias Coustasse asked 2 years ago

Hi Darrel, first of all, your tutorial is AMAZING, I just finished my first website on my localhost, using your Shopisle tutorial. (Im sort of new in wordpress and all of this, so trying a few free themes with your tutorials to get started).
The problem is that I live in Chile, so when I use WooCommerce and everything in spanish, the “Product” banner items and the “Store” items, with have the same visual effects, are getting bug when I click “Add to Cart”, because in the english version, there is a button added called “View Cart”, but in spanish, those words are too long, and it get bugged, it looks just awful. So, what can I do to fix this? Is there any css code, to hide the buttons? or at least hide the option of add a new button of “view cart” after I add that to the cart, because I really like this theme, and I would like to use it on a store or something. Please help me Darrel, I´ll wait for your answer, and thank you anyway! I love your tutorials!

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mcoustasse answered 2 years ago

Darrel, its me again, Matias, answering this post to show you what is the bug, in the shop section, and the products thing below the banner.

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You can see there what is that im talking about, please help me fix it, or delete the effect of the “View Cart” after adding it. Thank you very much

mcoustasse answered 2 years ago

Hi Darrel, you wont believe this, but now everything changed (I dont know how or why) and the “ajax effect” of the View Cart and all that works PERFECTLY, because now I dont know why but the “View Cart” is going below “Add to Cart” so its not getting that ugly bug, but now the “Choose options” for variable products its bugged ONLY IN THE MAIN PAGE, im just so confused and I dont know what to do now.
If i go the store, everything is working perfectly, ITS ONLY IN THE MAIN WEBSITE, really wierd, same items and everything.
Here are the links of the screenshots, both main site and store site. [Home Screen with the bug ] [Store screen, which looks perfect without the bug…]

Sorry for posting too much things, I just want to fix this haha
Thanks !

darrel wilson Staff replied 2 years ago

lol its fine, i know this stuff jst takes fiddling around with to get it