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SiteGround took my site down.

Angel asked 2 years ago

So I guess I got screwed by my second web designer. I’m out $900 and SiteGround took my site down for malware which my web guy said he fixed and now that he’s not answering me and his phone number isn’t working I think he screwed me too (Fiverr being my first screw).

How can I get my site back up without using SiteGround’s over priced “partner” maleware co which feels like another set up. Who can I trust??? HELP!

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darrel wilson Staff answered 2 years ago

malware removal should cost around $200 to get rid of, you can also just do a search and find various companies to get rid of it, hopefully they will add this in their plans, really sorry this happened, once you remove the malware you can try to download some of my free divi layouts