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Sorry for got, i mean its not the full link when its a folder directory?

Leif Mortensen asked 2 years ago

i mean its not the full link as normal is it like or ?

Man i got annoyed over that stupid ass snippet, and the menu crash on microsoft edge -.- and i took stylepress beside that you can do minus top, with out that the content get cut off at the layer content end i mean when it gets over to the other layer content, it gets cut, but beside that its pretty use full but i havent gotten to the dynamic content, but with stylepress one can do it completely free, and no hooks or what the heck its called for snippets if you dont wanna use code or its to confusing, man i understand why the heck some of the persons i know have said it was really confusing,
i know i had less troubles on finding out of doing HTML back in the day, properly also cause one have smoked and drinked the brain up, hehe..
See now soon the Danish Darrel wilson not the WP guru guy is up and running yea.. then its just sit back and record, like a really lazy guy, thats awesome.. so you still got that dropshipping site? i was reading up upon it man i wish i was like started on WP for a long time ago, then i would have done like press the button and done dropshipping in denmark, but there are so many of them now here, then i need to go all in on the SEO and keep typing the same words over and over again..

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