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Stripe Option in WooCommerce Version 3.3.5

Mark Callion asked 2 years ago

Hello I found your WP Tutorial content via YouTube tonight and man it's super detailed. I hope to make some much-needed changes and upgrades to our current WP Site. One change that you beat in was “who is using PayPal in 2018 for E-Commerce?”
We recognize the need to change over to Stripe or another system that allows membership payments. It looked super simple to add but I don't see the same Stripe options when I went to the Checkout setting in my version of WooCommerce. We are currently running Version 3.3.5 which may be the free version. 
Can you tell me what I'm missing with the WooCommerce or if there is a different/ better version of WooCommerce that I need to access? 
Thank you, 

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darrel wilson Staff answered 2 years ago

this may because its an older version of woocommerce, make sure you have the strip plugin enabled as well because this is a free plugin that works with woocommerce, the options change every version so its hard for me to know what you arent seeing in your dasboard :/ i would just keep fiddling with it, im sure you will get it