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Tickets for products with WooCommerce

Sergio Hikaros asked 2 years ago

Hi Darrel,
First of all, your videos are Superb. I am new in creating websites and your videos are of great assistance so far.
My name is Sergio Hikaros and I am from Greece.
My plan is to make a competition website where each product will have a specific amount of tickets. Once all the tickets are sold I will make a live draw and declare the winner.
My tools creating this website is Elementor, WooCommerce and WP Ocean theme.
So far so good with the website, but I got stuck creating the tickets for each product. 
Is it possible to create tickets for a product with WooCommerce?
Any advice and tips based on your experience would be highly appreciated.
Thanks in advance.
Kind regards,

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darrel wilson Staff answered 2 years ago

sounds like a more complicated task, but what you might want to try is a rewards system
You can offer the products at a certain price, set a certain amount of reward points  per product than see who has the most points in the end, i hope this works