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Uhhh Darrel the WP Guru guy, i already learned something The guru didnt know! Yeah whos the man!

Leif M asked 2 years ago

just to furture knowledge for you Darrel, since i'm properly gonna ask you some more stupid questions on the road to WP Awesomeness Yeah! But the plugin: The post grid not post grid, but the post grid, you can do it with a featured video, or not featured video but similar to it, there is something called isotope layout in it, and with The post grid you turn off the post page, and then you just add it on The post grid with what page you use as blog, its not totally costumizable, with the isotope,
since im annoyed over there is standing show all and the language stays on english when i turn on my country language, so thats a tiny bit annoying with there's standing show all and cant just change it to the danish word,
But you should check it out, it's actually pretty nice with the free version and pretty easy as well..
I know you like to use already done themes, but if you aint using a divi theme for a costumer or something like that, then i would check it out, cause i have to say its actually a pretty easy plugin, and save one alot of time from what else i was looking at i think its costume posts with pods or something like that there was needed an some more bla bla bla kind of a headache here to start with, i think wordpress is a bit confusing here to start with, but it gives one alot of backend shit theres awesome and no programming needed just sit back download a plugin and install it yeaH, i like easy!
but u can see it here at 9.30 isotope layout pretty sweet