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Website offers free downloadable files. (Game mods)

Sarfraz asked 2 years ago

Dear Darrel, I hope you're doing well.
I created my first WordPress website with your help, thank you so much for that.
Now, i want to create a website where i can provide downloadable files (Games Mods zip files usually), but all i had been working was blogs and online stores but i never created a free software portal and i am not a pro at WordPress as well.
I am writing here because you're the real genuine teacher I've ever seen.
So the idea is that files should be shown in a grid form and when user clicks any of the file it should redirects to download page where it should show more details like (File Size, Number of Downloads, Ratings, Date and more pictures of that software with description).
To best express my idea here are two examples
1: (files showcase in grid form)
2: (When we select any file)
So this is exectly what i need. i have tried easy digital downloads but that doesn't work for me (Its about purchasing products). Also i have tried Download Manager but that too isn't according to my needs.
I hope you got what i am trying to explain and please provide me with detailed guide that what should i do, how do i manage my website with free downloadable goods.
Thanking you in advance for your support.

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darrel wilson Staff answered 2 years ago

sounds like alot of work and plugins, honestly you are showing me a very large platform and although you can possibly do this with wordpress, i tink this task would be better suited for a developer