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What you call that snippet?

Leif asked 2 years ago

Hey darrel ya the snippet is not there on astra as a default when you use the astra navigation menu, but when you use the default astra menu, then on microsoft edge when you press on a menu link and when you land on the new page, it shows as an mobile menu, freaking annoying and when i tryed with a costume made footer, then there is that snippet there is on the most themes, and now i wanna know how they heck to get around that, i know theres code, but i dont now shit about the structure in wordpress, and at the same time its so long ago, i learned HTML, and ya dunno man, i wanted to do something i got in a accident here some years ago but my body didnt get back as i hoped, so im kind of retired now, but im bored as hell and i still get some there ask if i can make a homepage for them, but as i told then im out of the business, so i wanted to do something and make something theres like easy to handle for non tech guys, and i have said WordPress is free and they said it was so overwhelming with the video tutorials and the structure of it, so i kind of said okay im gonna look into wordpress so i actually know what to tell them if they wanted to make their own..

And i have to say out from alot of the tuts its just about build a page and really annoying tutorials on some parts, with to little important info, or the info is like way into a 2 hours video tutorial about building a page just like what they do. i landed here at you darrel since you made it some what simpel, but still i think its like a really important thing to know with that snippet, whats its called and how to get around it, i just need what the heck its called so, i can search for it and properly find an easy solution to get around it,