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WordPress Product Calculater

Michael Thomas asked 1 year ago

Hey Darrel,

First of all, thanks for the youtube video on the Flatsome theme. It is great!

I am building a Carpet ecom website via the Flatsome theme and need some advice around calculating the total cost of the product.

For example: Customers select the amount of carpet they need by the ‘Length'. This amount is variable (up to 25 metres). The ‘Width' is fixed at usually 4 metres (Sometimes 5 metres). I need to have the functionality to calculate Length x Width (to work out total square meterage of material) and then times this by the Price of the Carpet (which is set as £# Per Square Metre).

I hope i made sense here! re-wrote it several times….

Check out the Side Bar on this link:

Is there a plugin to assist with products such as this?

Kind regards,